This was sent to Fernando, a Custom Built trainer at In-Shape Sport: Modesto "Fernando, Let me say that I am extremely grateful that David assigned you as my trainer. Your professional approach, expert knowledge and customer service skills give me the assurance that you care for me as an individual and you will do all that you can to help me reach my fitness goals. From the beginning of our relationship, you took the time to find out what I wanted to accomplish and what limitations I have due to my health. I really appreciate how you are able to work around my limitations, but still provide for the exercise that I need for a complete workout. I really appreciate that you have taken the time to look at my record and offered suggestions for my nutritional needs and/or habits. Your personal encouragement helped me make the decision to postpone my scheduled bariatric surgery. Thanks to your training and encouragement I have lost 94.6 pounds from September 19, 2011(shortly after starting with your training) to May 24, 2012. I’ve lost 73 pounds just since January 5, 2012 when I started on my pre-operation diet. Losing 12.6 pounds in that first week when the “Before” pictures were taken helped me to realize that maybe the two of us could do this thing together. When I started with you, I could barely walk any distance at all and required a cane for assistance. I wore a size 60 pants and a size 4XL shirt. My dress shirts were a 22 inch collar. As of the “After” pictures, I no longer need my cane and am able to walk much further without pain. I now wear a size 48 pants and a size XL or 2XL shirt (depending on manufacturer) and my dress shirts are down to 18.5 inch collars that I wore in high school. The one thing that really stands out for me is that you just don’t talk to me when I have an appointment, but every time that we see each other in the gym. Without detracting from your scheduled appointee’s time, you have frequently commented to me when I needed correction when using a piece of equipment or stretching. I’m not just a number to you. I recommend you to everyone that I come in contact with at the gym. I’m looking forward to a day this year when we can celebrate my reaching my weight loss and fitness goal and continue to plan for the future. Don Norris" Congratulations Don! Keep up the amazing work!