After years of a relaxed life following bypass heart surgery in 1998 and two breast cancer surgeries (2004 and 2005), I found myself to be in poor physical health. I found it difficult to walk long distances. Unable to do simple exercises due to lack of strength and adult diabetes, my blood sugar remained too high, affecting my eyes and nerves. I was deteriorating physically as the years progressed.

I joined In-Shape City several months ago on the advice of my daughter, who was already a member. Since my sessions with my personal trainer, Alisa, my overall strength has improved, I can walk longer distances, my blood sugar level has returned to normal, I’m sleeping better at night and my overall health has improved a great deal.

I owe my present physical condition to In-Shape City Los Banos and my personal trainer, Alisa Zavala. I can’t thank everyone enough for helping me become more physically fit.

Thank you,

Gayle Bonds
Los Banos