Dear To Whom May Concern,

I had been working out at In Shape for a couple of years and was in okay shape, so I thought, but I wanted something more to see more of a change in my body. The workouts I was coming up with just weren’t working so I turned to Custom Built personal training.

Dana was my trainer and I soon found out I was not in good shape at all and had so much to learn abut the gym, my body and my nutrition!!! She was patient in reteaching me all I thought I knew about working out and was persistent about me making some changes with my diet. After just a short time with her I began to see results, have more energy and I started to enjoy coming to the gym to wee what kind of workout she had come up with!!!

Her training is diverse, never boring, challenging but never discouraging!!!

I wish I had her with me every time I came to the gym but I now, thanks to her, have the tools to continue my own journey in a more affective way.

Thanks Dana!!!

In-Shape Member