I joined In-Shape City in the beginning of February because I was extremely overweight and depressed. I was scared, extremely self conscious and I knew absolutely nothing about working out. I had heard good things about a trainer named Callah and decided to hire her as soon as possible. I have come a long way so far in the two months that I have worked with her. I love Callah because she is motivating, her workouts are extremely challenging, and most importantly she makes me feel important. She taught me how to eat healthy and always stay positive. I no longer battle with my depression and I am happier than ever!

I am still training with Callah and taking her group training classes as well. I still plan on losing a lot more, but I now can say I am comfortable in my own skin. I have currently lost more than 14 inches all around, about 5% body fat and 12 pounds. I went from a XXL to an L and from a pant size 14 to a 10. Thank you so much Callah!


Maria Lopez
April 2008