We received this submission on our Biggest Winner website and we found it very inspiring, so we wanted to share it with you! 
Hi Everyone! My name is Roberta and I’m so excited about reaching my fitness goals and making this new healthy lifestyle a way of life, not just a “temporary diet.” In April of 2010, I entered a 90-day weight loss challenge and with lots of hard work, discipline, and determination, I had lost the highest percentage of weight and won 1st place! I even ran a 5K after that. One of my long term goals regarding fitness has been to run a marathon, but I am aware… first things first. So here I am entering into the Biggest Winner Fitness Challenge. Although it would be awesome to place again in this kind of challenge…my main desire is to become more fit, reaching my ultimate fitness goals. I enjoy these challenges because the weekly weigh-ins help me to stay accountable and disciplined to reach my fitness goal. I am feeling a little anxious about entering, but I think it’s because I know how much hard work it takes to reach my goals and I don’t want to fail. I keep reminding my self that I’m a winner regardless… simply for taking these steps to be the healthiest I can be. I wish everyone the motivation and discipline you need to reach your fitness goals… and remember to be gentle with yourself and laugh along the way. We are all worthy of a wonderful healthy life! <3″
Thanks for the words of encouragement, Roberta!​