In December my fellow nurse friend and I were approached at SJMC to check out a "Personal Trainer program" as a trial ..we both looked at each other and thought "Why Not" together we signed up with the Workout Buddy program.

Boy were we ever lucky when we were assigned Jay as our trainer. Trust me, I am over 65 and I never thought working out could be fun ...that was until we met Jay. Trust me he works us out hard..we sweat...but as much as we sweat we laugh and have Fun. Working out with a buddy makes all the difference in the world are committed to each other to not miss and we are devoted to JAY!!!

Thanks for having such a good program..the core strengthening and the muscle building has made me more agile and  balanced. I also have lost inches and pounds in 3 short months. Our Trainer Jay has been our inspiration and cheerleader and I don't think we could have been as successful without him. YEA JAY!!!

Susan Thomas