For some a Healthy Lifestyle is not taught in the home, many want to achieve it but the thought of starting one can be daunting and overwhelming...I speak from experience... In-Shape City: Santa Maria is the first club I joined in my LIFE.... loved sports hated working out and eating right...I'm Mexican... We EAT :0 we eat when we celebrate, when we are happy, when we are sad ... any excuse to Eat! I joined In-Shape City: Santa Maria when I was 29 years old and a size 16/18. I felt humiliated and so terrible about the way I looked and felt I just knew everyone was staring at me at the gym. The first week I heard over the intercom Cycling Class ... come join.... I marched in there because it was dark and the music was loud... I was instantly addicted. It was the hardest thing I ever did. Needless to say I did not stop. When my 30th birthday came I had lost about 50 pounds and applied to start teaching ... got certified starting personal training... My classes were instantly full because fellow members saw my journey and they were confidant that I knew the battle. I am 33 years old now ( 25 if anyone asks ) and wearing a size 2/4 jeans!!!! My hands shake even as I type that.......The instructor that sought me out... I'll never forget her. All were great but she did just a bit extra that drew me and we connected. I did not realize how much my life was limited being overweight and unhealthy... Now I feel like I could do anything, that is why I quit my full time job to follow a passion and help other people with their battle and to begin their own journey.. I always tell the members .. hardest part is getting to the gym.... the rest is what we / I am here for... inspire/ motivate you to live your journey. Nothing taste better than being Fit and Healthy NOTHING. At age 33 I finally come to grips that I will always have to exercise and will always have to work out to maintain a healthy lifestyle. AND ultimately I never forget where I came from.. my battle is over but not my journey!! Thank you to In-Shape for letting me apart of this!

Valerie Deleon
Group X Team Leader
In-Shape City: Santa Maria & Lompoc