As we’re celebrating California’s reopening, we have a lot to look forward to—like getting in a workout at the club with no mask if you’re vaccinated! With the excitement of things feeling closer to normal, it’s easy to forget that there were actually a few bright spots during an otherwise difficult year. Here’s our list of habits we think we should all try to keep post-pandemic.



1. Family dinners – When everyone is home together, this seems obvious… but as things get busier, maybe we can keep having dinners as a family a few times a week. It’s a great way to slow down and reconnect.

2. Sleeping inSleep is important for recovery and overall health. Didn’t it feel good when you got enough sleep? You deserve it, so try to make it a priority. Can’t sleep in the same way you did during the pandemic? Try to tuck in half an hour earlier to get that much-needed rest.

3. Getting out in nature – Feeling cooped up at home meant many of us turned to outdoor activities more than ever before. Whether you found a love of hiking, biking, or just taking an after-dinner walk, try to keep that habit going.

4. Cooking healthy meals – Many of us learned how fun making a new recipe can be. That doesn’t have to end as the state reopens.

5. Virtual races and workouts – While we’re obviously stoked that our gyms can be open, sometimes the convenience of working out at home is hard to beat. Check your app to sign up for our #GetMoving2021 events, which includes virtual races and bootcamps through the rest of the year. Plus, you can continue to take workout classes at home on In-Shape Digital.