We know, we’ve been there, too—not wanting to take on a new exercise routine that lasts an hour and involves no high-intensity cardio activity. The thing is, we were wrong.


Yoga has plenty of benefits for your mind and your body that make posing in cat-cow and warrior seem a little less silly than we originally thought years and years ago. Check out these three benefits that might get you to change your mind about adding yoga into your life:


Yoga Relieves Stress

A yoga class is a lot about relaxation. It draws your focus away from the many distractions racing through your mind during the day, and helps you concentrate solely on your breathing and the poses you’re making. Because it helps with the union of your mind, body and spirit, you’ll walk away feeling more relaxed than any other day at the gym.  


Yoga Increases Your Fitness Level

Yoga does double duty for your body every time you hop on a mat. The stretching and relaxed breathing done during a class can release muscle tension and exercise your body. It makes you more flexible and increases your muscle endurance, which helps reduce injuries in other areas of your life. 


Yoga Helps with Chronic Health Conditions

Did you know that yoga can help lower your blood pressure? Well, it can. And how about that it can help you cope with depression, anxiety, sleep problems and even cancer? One hour of yoga does wonders for you, really. This is because it can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which means it turns off your fight-or-flight response and puts you into extreme relaxation mode.



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