Loving yourself can change your life. While practicing self-love might sound selfish on the surface, it’s key for our mental health and wellbeing—especially for those who have trouble taking breaks or are inclined towards perfectionism. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “I haven’t worked hard enough to deserve this,” or “I’m not good enough,” it’s prime time you give yourself some love.


Self-love is a journey, and it takes practice. Check out our list of 20 tips for practicing more self-love and incorporate a few into your routine ASAP. You deserve it.


1. Nourish your body with what makes it feel good.

Usually, this will mean food that helps your body thrive – fruits, veggies, everything you need for a healthful diet – and sometimes it’ll mean a special treat that elevates your mood, like your favorite chocolate or a latte.


2. Move your body and celebrate all that you can do with it.

Dance, play, go for a swim or try a new group fitness class. Do something you love that makes you feel great.  


3. Quiet your inner critic.
Replace expressions of doubt with expressions of confidence. Find a mantra that feels empowering to you, or snag one of ours: “All that I seek is already within me.” “I am in charge of how I feel today, and I choose happiness.” “I believe in my skills and abilities.” 


4. Spend time with people who love and support you.

And consider letting go of those that don’t.


5. Stop the comparisons.

If you spend time on social media, are there influencers on your feed that leave you feeling less-than? Replace them with something that brings you joy—whether that’s art, inspirational quotes, or people doing good in the world.


6. Follow your passions.

Do more of whatever makes you feel the most alive!


7. Forgive yourself for the past.

Everyone makes mistakes, so be gentle with yourself. Heal from your past and forgive yourself for the things you regret.


8. Keep a gratitude journal.

Write down what you’re grateful for once a week – be specific and elaborate whenever possible. Gratitude is good for you.


9. Seek help when you need it.

Whether that means reaching out to your friends, family, therapist, doctor, financial advisor, or career coach – you deserve help, and you deserve to be listened to with respect and love.


10. Disconnect from the screens.

Taking a step back from our uber-connected world can help you reconnect with yourself and those you love. Go on a hike or cozy up with a cup of tea and a good novel, coloring book, or jigsaw puzzle – spending just a little time away from your screens each week can do wonders.

 I choose happiness


11. Be creative—just because it’s fun.

You don’t have to be good at drawing, or dancing, or singing to enjoy doing those things. Try something new without the stress of trying to be good at it.


 12. Prioritize sleep.

If all else fails, take a nap.


13. Clean or organize your space.

Coming home to a freshly cleaned room is surprisingly restorative.


14. Be of service.

If you feel your best when you’re doing good, make time to volunteer for an organization you care about or help out a friend.


15. Give yourself a serious recovery session.

Whether you’re sore from a tough workout or just had a tough week, spend some time pampering yourself at your local In-Shape club. Take a dip in the spa, use a foam roller to ease tight muscles, try a restorative aqua class or go for a gentle swim.


16. Try a new healthy recipe.

Cooking a healthy meal can be super satisfying, so whip up one of 3 Easy Paleo Dinners, keep it simple with 30-Minute Roasted Fish and Veggies, or sip on a Blueberry Super Veggie Smoothie.


17. Plan an adventure.

Even if it’s going to be a while until you can take your next vacation, start planning now. Having something to look forward to is half the fun!


18. Celebrate the small stuff.

The really small stuff. You don’t have to wait for world-changing wins to get excited! Happiness is a renewable resource, so don’t be afraid to use it on small victories.


19. Exercise your mind/body connection.

Learn to meditate. If you have trouble calming your mind without moving your body, In-Shape offers Mind/Body classes like yoga, barre and Pilates.


20. Call someone and tell them you love them.

This one might sound like you’re doing it for them, but it’s secretly for you.