Okay, don’t panic, but…Mother’s Day is right around the corner. (May 10th, to be exact) During this shelter-in-place order, it’s not easy to get a thoughtful gift for mom—spa days, professional pedicures and brunch at her favorite restaurant are all off the list this year.


We asked some of our favorite moms what they’re REALLY hoping they get for Mother’s Day and compiled a list of our favorite 10 gifts currently available on Amazon. If you need to keep your distance this year, you can also have these sent right to her doorstep: just make sure to click “this is a gift” at checkout so they exclude the receipt. 

  1. Clay bentonite mask: The spa may be closed, but this is basically the next best thing.

  2. Yoga mat: To work out or just lay on in savasana for 3 hours.

  3. Epsom salt bath: Because all moms are escaping to the bathroom anyways, make it more relaxing.

  4. Noise-canceling headphones: For blasting tunes that will drown out the latest “Baby Shark.”

  5. Eye de-puffer (ice): Caffeine can only do so much with those under-eye issues.

  6. Cute coffee cup for iced drinks: For when you want your drink to actually stay cold. Can be used for iced coffee or keeping your wine chilled. No judgements.

  7. Blue light blocking glasses: For all those Zoom meetings and scroll time.

  8. A book the kids can fill out for mom: Reminder! The kids are NOT in school and won’t have an awesome craft to bring home. Make it extra sweet with your own book.

  9. Sun hat: More outside time than normal means a big (and trendy) hat is totally necessary.

  10. House plant: Give her something that will survive past the SIP order.

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