Getting into the gym is your first success, but deciding your next move can be a bit daunting. Adding functional training to your workout routine can help improve your everyday ability in and outside the gym. It utilizes your entire body. Jesse Serna, a certified personal trainer at In-Shape: Stockton March Lane has provided three functional training exercises that can help you maximize your workout.


Exercise #1: Stability Ball Push-Up

Step 1: Place your toes on top of a stability ball with your arms in the push-up position

Step 2: Moving your shoulder blades first, drop your chest close to the floor

Step 3: Keep your body in a plank position

Step 4: With your chest and shoulders, push away strong, don't let your back sag

Step 5: Repeat motion



Exercise #2: TRX Row

Step 1: Stand facing the attachment point, grab handles with your palms facing each other, shoulder width apart.

Step 2: Keep shoulders down, pull shoulder blades back

Step 3: Walk your feet towards the point of attachment.

Step 4: Push your feet into the ground strong while keeping your core strength.

Step 5: Move your shoulder blades to extend your arms (continue to keep your core strong).

Step 6: Pull shoulder blades first, elbows behind you, maintain good posture.

Step 7: Release and repeat steps 5 and 6.



Exercise #3: Balanced Step Up

Step 1: Place your right foot on top of the box.

Step 2: Stand tall

Step 3: Push the left foot into the ground and the right foot into the box.

Step 4: Push through the heel of your right foot

Step 5: Extend your right hip and bring your left knee up towards your chest.

Step 6: Stand tall and keep your core strong.

Step 7: Step down and repeat on the opposite side.



Next time you work out, try incorporating these three functional training exercises into your routine. There are many functional training exercises you can do and equipment available at In-Shape. Now’s your chance to spice up your workout and start seeing more results.


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