Tennis, We Love You 

Did you know that people who participate in tennis three hours per week (at moderately vigorous intensities) cut their risk of death in half? If that alone isn’t enough reason for you to consider playing one of the most popular sports in the world, then check out our other reasons why you should pick up a racket and play today.


1. It Increases Your Cardiovascular Fitness

Since it’s a high-intensity sport, tennis helps in burning fat, improving your cardiovascular fitness and maintaining higher energy levels.


2. It Builds Your Body Strength

Because tennis involves a lot of exertion and movement, you’ll begin to see your hands and legs getting stronger (and more toned) after you start playing regularly.


3. It Increases Your Flexibility 

Want your body to be more flexible, so it’s easier to move? Try a few games of tennis. This sport demands constant movement, which helps with you become more flexible over time.


4. It Helps You Lose Weight  

Trying to lose weight, but sick of your same ol’ routine? No problem—add tennis into your weekly exercise regime, and you’ll see the difference in no time. Men can burn up to 560 calories an hour, while women can burn up to 420 calories an hour.


5. It Helps You Beat Your Stress

Tennis is a game that’ll help you fight physical, mental and emotional stress. The game teaches you how to handle stress effectively, so you can beat your stress and begin living a calm, peaceful life.


Want to get into tennis, but don’t know where to start? We’re here for you! Try In-Shape’s Tennis 101 classes, which teach you the basics of strokes, rallying, scoring and match play. Not familiar with those terms? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know. And if you’re worried because you don’t have a racquet, have no fear! We’ve got you covered at the club.


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