Why are so many people hopping on the group fitness bandwagon?


Imagine a bright, music-filled room full of inspiring instructors and happy class goers. The music starts to build, everyone in the room begins to move to the rhythm of the music and to the lead of the instructor’s energetic voice.  


Now doesn’t that sound fun?! Group Fitness classes offer a motivating atmosphere that can set you on a course to lose weight, gain strength and stay healthy (read some of our inspiring success stories from Micah or Tanya to see for yourself).



Here are the top five reasons you should try a Group Fitness class:


  1. Unlimited Classes

    If you need a little extra help getting motivated to workout, Group Fitness classes can help you find your groove. Especially since In-Shape’s Group Fitness classes are unlimited and included in your membership.  Just check out the class schedule and pick something (or more than one!) that fits your schedule.


  2. Find Your Motivation

    The best way to find motivation is to surround yourself with likeminded people who encourage you to be the best version of yourself. Group classes are full of just that. Plus, with an instructor there to keep you pumped up, you’ll feed off the energy of the other group class participants. Don’t miss the opportunity to make new friends with your classmates and gain lifelong workout buddies.


  3. Get a Great Workout

    With a trained instructor at each Group Fitness class to coach you on proper form , it is easy to follow along and learn as you go whether you are a first timer or a seasoned group fitness goer. Plus, by learning and practicing proper form of the exercises, you get a more effective workout.


  4. Endless Variety

    Are you finding yourself getting bored with the same workout day in and day out? Well, Group Fitness classes are a great way to change things up. If you are looking for a new challenge, all you have to do is try out a new class and you’ll be exposed to a different instructor, different music and different style of exercise. In the mood to kick some butt? Try BodyCombat®! In the mood to zen out and stretch your muscles? Try one of our many Yoga formats. People are often surprised to find themselves enjoying a class they never would have imagined themselves in before.


  5. It’s Just Plain Fun

    Did you know your instructor plans their classes that not only helps you reach your fitness goals, but also makes exercising fun? That’s right—it’s actually their job to make exercise more fun. Because when exercise is more fun, you’ll actually want to come back, and sticking with a routine is key to achieving your goals!


Want to find a group fitness class to try out? Start here!