If you’re running in uncomfortable shoes or wearing socks that always give you blisters, ditch ‘em! The wrong gear can slow you down. Whether you need new leggings, a shiny new activity tracker, or something else to complete your race, start here: we asked our Run Club coaches for their recommendations. Investing in the right gear can totally change your running game, so we’ll see you at the finish line!


  • Coach Josh: The “Cloudstratus” has done wonders for my Plantar Fasciitis and allows me to get the miles in. Check them out here.

  • Coach Kailee: I’ve been training in New Balance shoes for over 10 years and love these:

  • Coach Jeremiah: If you’re looking for a running shoe that helps with stability, here’s my top pick:

  • Coach Zach: The Altra Superior is my top pick for days I’m hitting the trail. Check it out here:

  • Coach Josh: My favorite running shorts are here and my favorite sportswear from H&M can be found here.

  • Coach Kailee: I’m very picky when it comes to my running leggings. These never fall down and have panels in all the right places for the sweaty spots. Check them out here.

  • Coach Jacqueline: You need comfortable underwear, plain and simple. Plus, these leak-proof bottoms offer peace of mind during that time of the month and give you the freedom to run that extra mile worry-free. Check them out here.

  • Coach Jeremiah: I’m always rocking a Nike Pro shirt on my runs.

  • Coach Zach: If you’re interested in compression pants, these will be your new favorite pair. Check them out here. When the weather’s cold, I stay warm with this windbreaker and a Buff ThermoNet.

  • Coach Josh: Look awesome and avoid blisters with these.

  • Coach Kailee: Blisters are not your friend, grab these to avoid them!

  • Coach Jeremiah: These are perfect for people who want their toes separated while running:

  • Coach Josh: I love my Roka Oslos sunglasses. Check them out here:

  • Coach Kailee: Having a great playlist is key for me, so I need my phone attached without worrying about it falling off:

  • Coach Zach: I love these wireless headphones from Powerbeats:

  • Coach Jacqueline: This is the best bra for busty ladies during high-impact activity. Check it out here.

  • Coach Jeremiah: Hydration is key on long runs. Keep your H2O close with this hydration pack:

Wearables/Activity Trackers
  • Coach Josh: The Apple Watch is my go-to. The series 5 is currently on sale!

  • Coach Kailee: I love challenging my family and friends with our Garmin watches. It also looks amazing for everyday wear.

  • Coach Jacqueline: Here’s a great accessory for your wearable to easily ID you in case of emergency:

  • Coach Jeremiah: I love my Nike Apple Watch:



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