Many of us are already daydreaming about crisp fall weather, but it’s still hot out there. We hope you’re staying hydrated and visiting the In-Shape pool for some last-minute summer fun! The hot weather may have you looking for foods that will help you stay cool—and meals that won’t require turning on the oven and heating up your house.


Check out our list of no-heat food choices from Trader Joe’s below, organized into savory and sweet. Stay cool and bon appétit!



Savory snacks & meals:


1. Classic Hummus


If you don’t want to go through the process of making your own hummus, this vegan dip from Trader Joe’s is a delicious option served with pita or veggies when you’re feeling snacky. They also offer seasonal and unique dips like eggplant hummus and dill pickle hummus, so keep your eyes peeled in the dips section if you’re feeling adventurous.


2. BBQ Chicken Salad

 BBQ Chicken Salad

PACKED with protein and full of flavor, this is a salad that won’t leave you feeling hungry. And for just under $5, we call it a good end-of-summer deal.


3. Antipasto Assortment

 Antipasto Assortment

Ever served a Charcuterie board for dinner? Grab one of these antipasto assortment packs from Trader Joe’s—they come with peppery salami, cheese chunks, olives and salami nuggets—and then add any snackable fruits and veggies you may have left over in your fridge for a delicious and fun no-cook dinner. Don’t forget the crackers!


4. Acai Bowl

 Acai Bowl

This refreshing, fruity snack is great as a midday pick-me-up, or as breakfast! If you enjoy smoothies, you’ll love acai bowls.



Sweet treats:


1. Gone Berry Crazy Choco-Strawberry Pieces

 Choco-Strawberry Bites

These bites are positively decadent—a layer of dark chocolate around juicy strawberry bites. SO satisfying on their own or you can add them on top of other desserts.


2. Chocolate Hummus

 Chocolate Hummus

Sweet hummus? Yup, you heard that right. It’s velvety smooth and super chocolatey. Use as a dip for apples or banana chips, spread it on toast with sliced bananas on top, or serve with graham crackers and pretzels. One serving (2 tbsp) is only 50 calories with 5g of added sugar—while offering 1g fiber and 2g protein in return.


3. Wait, did someone say ice cream?

 Non-Dairy Ice Cream Cones

Sometimes you just need a little ice cream to cool down! These dairy-free cones are made with coconut milk and vegan chocolate and are a smaller size than your traditional ice cream cone. If these don’t crush your cravings, you can also try one of our NICE cream recipes made with frozen bananas.