Kettlebell Deadlift

kettlebell deadlift


8-Minute EMOM

Even: 10–15 Deadlifts 

Odd: 10–15 Push-Ups 



Increase strength of core and entire posterior chain (back, glutes,
and hamstrings)


Develop full body strength and
neuromuscular efficiency   


How to:

ADJUSTMENT: Choose Appropriate Weight 

POSITION: Stand up tall with feet hip to shoulder width apart; kettlebell should be in middle of the feet 

START: Hinge hips back keeping minimal flexion (bend) in knees while you reach down to grab handle. Grab handle with both hands and squeeze your lats to engage them.

MOVEMENT: Maintaining a flat back and upright chest, squeeze your glutes and push your heels into the ground until you find your
standing plank. 

RETURN: Hinge hips back and maintain a neutral spine as you lower
the bell back to the ground.



TRX® Windmill

trx windmill


4 rounds: 

5 Windmill (RT) > 5 Windmill (LT) > 10 Lunges (RT) > 10 Lunges (LT) 


Member Benefit:

Improve Range of motion
in hamstrings 

Increase shoulder stability
and mobility 

Build core strength 


How to:


POSITION: Stand Sideways

START: Feet positioned slightly wider than shoulder width, right foot 90 degrees, left foot 45 degrees, hand in foot cradles, left arm directly over shoulders. 

MOVEMENT: Hinge down towards right foot

RETURN: Maintaining tension in the straps, slowly return to standing, keeping arm stretched overhead, driving the movement from the hips



Bosu Hip Bridge


Sets: 4 Work: 45s Rest: 30 

BOSU Hip Bridge 

BOSU Mountain Climbers 



Strength lower back and
reduce risk of injury 


How to:

ADJUSTMENT: Position the BOSU Dome side up 

POSITION: Lie down supinated with heels elevated on BOSU Dome  

START: Engage your core and posteriorly tilt pelvis to activate glutes 

MOVEMENT: Drive the heels into the ball to raise the hips into
full extension   

RETURN: Slowly lower hips back to ground 

Activate and develop glutes  



TRX® Overhead Back Extension


10 OH Back Ext + 10 Squats >
9 OH Back Ext + 9 Squats >
8 OH Back Ext + 8 Squats… etc. until 1 rep of each is completed 



Develop Strength in Back extensors, which will improve posture 

Develop full-body coordination 


How to:


POSITION: Stand Facing 

START: Extend arms overhead in an “I“ position, palms forward, tension on TRX, feet shoulder width apart, weight on balls of feet

MOVEMENT: Lower hips down and back, arms and legs straight,
tuck chin

RETURN: Drive the arms up by pulling on the handles, extend hip