October 9

The double racked kettle bell squat is one of the best exercises you might not be doing which is why we’re featuring it this week for Try it Out Tuesday. You may be used to doing a squat with a stacked bar, but using kettlebells instead creates increased instability and therefore makes it pretty challenging. Plus, it ignites your core to keep you stable as you perform the movement. Add this to your arsenal and prepare for some serious lower-body strength and core conditioning.


Ready to drop it like it’s squat?

  • Bend knees to pick up two light kettlebells. Place one in each hand.
  • Feet should be slightly wider than hip width apart.
  • “Rack” the kettlebell and keep elbows in tight to the rib cage.
  • Brace the core and begin the squat by moving your hips down and back.
  • Throughout the movement, keep your chest up, shoulders down and back with your abs braced.
  • Squat to knee height while keeping your knees in line with your toes.
  • Perform 10-12 repetitions at a controlled tempo.

Stop by your club at 9 AM or 5 PM to learn more and to get all your questions answers by our Trainers.



October 2

Say good morning to stronger glutes, hamstrings and a healthier lower back with this week’s Try it Out Tuesday Move of the Week. “Good Mornings” are one of the best ways to build leg, hip and back strength, but a lot of people worry about injuring the lower back. It’s also a great move to develop lower extremity flexibility throughout your hips and hamstrings. Follow the video and check out these cues before you get started.

  • Take a light kettlebell and place it behind your back holding it with both hands.
  • Place your feet hip width apart.
  • Hinge from the hips so your chest to slowly leans forward.  Make sure your shoulders are pressed down and back, your core is braced, and your chest is lifted throughout the entire movement. 
  • Perform 10 repetitions increasing the depth of your movement challenging your hamstrings to stretch further and further with each passing rep. 

Continue this movement for 10 reps.  


September 25

Life happens in all directions, so build your ability to move side-to-side and functional strength with this week’s Try it Out Tuesday Move of the Week – the lateral lunge with a kettlebell.

Lateral lunges promote hip, knee and ankle flexibility and allow for efficient mobility in your inner and outer thighs, quads and glutes. 


Watch the video or check out these key points to get started!


  • Start by holding a light kettlebell in the goblet position and place your feet about double your shoulder width apart.
  • Start your movement by shifting your weight from side to side while bending one leg and keeping the other leg straight.
  • Start VERY shallow and progressively work your way lower and lower with each rep.
  • Maintain the correct posture by keeping your chest upright, your shoulders down and back and your core tightly braced.  
  • Try a set of 10 reps on both sides.   


kettlebell lateral lunge

September 18

Did you know you could use kettlebells to increase flexibility? Mind=blown! This week’s Try it Out Tuesday move focuses on improving flexibility and mobility in the hips and also helps with flexibility in the hamstrings, glutes and lats. The hip flexor is notoriously tight from walking, running, cycling, sitting and driving. So, add this to your routine to counteract some of the damage we do on the daily.

Stretch it ouuuuuuttttt:

  • Start in the kneeling position and keep your feet about hip width apart.  Your hips and your shoulders should remain facing forward throughout the entire movement. 
  • Grab a kettlebell with your right hand and press it above your head.
  • Lift your chest and brace your core, and slowly move your body position forward until you feel a slight tension in the front of the right hip.
  • Contract your glute to intensify the stretch. 
  • Hold for five seconds.
  • Repeat 5-10 repetitions and then repeat on left side.



September 11

Have you ever tried a pullover with a kettlebell? To continue our flexibility and mobility series with the kettlebell, this week is all about…you guessed it…the Kettlebell Pullover. The pullover movement increases your range of motion in your shoulders, promotes an elongated and stable spine and ignites your core to control the entire movement.


Try it out using the cues below and tune into the video to see it in action.


  • Start on your back and place your feet flat on the floor about hip-width apart.
  • Grab a light kettlebell by the horns and press it above your chest until your arms are straight. 
  • Before you begin the pullover, press your lower back into the floor and force your shoulders down and back into the ground. 
  • Brace your core and slowly lower the kettlebell to the floor. 
  • Lift the kettlebell back up to the starting position making sure your lower back and your shoulders are in contact with the ground.
  • Repeat 10 times.


Need help? Ask a trainer or stop by the demo at your club next Tuesday!



September 3: Kettlebell Plank Row 

This week’s Try it Out Tuesday Move of the Week increases the complexity and difficulty of a traditional plank row by performing the move with kettlebells. This exercise works the shoulders, biceps, back, glutes and core. It’s a stability challenge that plays with weight distribution and height from the kettlebell, so take it slow to stay focused. Plus, moving slowly will really fire up that core!

Here’s how:

  • Place a kettlebell on the floor to prepare for the movement.
  • Position yourself on your knees as though you were about to do a pushup.
  • Carefully place one hand on the kettlebell and make sure it’s directly under your shoulder.
  • Brace your core and keep your elbows close to your ribcage.
  • Row the kettlebell by pulling your elbow up as high as you can.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top.
  • Return the kettlebell to the ground and repeat 10 times. 
  • Switch sides and do 10 reps.


plank row demonstration


 August 28: Kettlebell Lateral Squat 


This week’s Try It Out Tuesday Move of the Week is a dynamic movement that will get your heart rate waaaay up. The bob and weave variation of this kettlebell lateral squat will challenge your body’s ability to move sideways – something we often forget to train. This is a fantastic move to add to your rotation since it strengthens your glutes, core, quads and back while simultaneously kicking your cardio up a notch! 


How to get started:

  • Grab the bottom of the kettlebell with both hands.
  • Place your feet slightly wider than hip-width.
  • Brace your core and step your right foot to the side.
  • Squat down while you push your hips down and back.
  • Stand up and bring your left foot back under hips.
  • Step your left foot to the side and squat down repeating the lateral movement. 
  • Bring right foot back under your hips.
  • Repeat this “lateral squat” sequence 10 times on both sides


Any questions? Stop by our Try it Out Tuesday demo every Tuesday at 9 AM and 5 PM for expert advice from our trainers. They’re always happy to help!


2 handed kettlebell lateral squat


 August 21: Kettlebell 2-Handed Swing 

This week’s Try it Out Move of the Week, the two-handed kettlebell swing, is almost a total lower body toner hitting your lower back, core, glutes and quads. This type of hinge movement and the swing of the kettlebell cause the working muscle to cycle through contraction and relaxation to help tone up and lean out.


Kettlebell swings are powerful. You’ll feel the effects of one set immediately, and what’s more? Your body will continue to burn calories even after you’ve finished. Thanks, afterburn!


Here’s how to get swinging:

  • Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width.
  • Hinge from hips and to grab the kettlebell.
  • Extend both arms and grab kettle with overhand grip.
  • First, drive your hips forward, to initiate the kettlebell swing.
  • Control the momentum of the kettlebell as it moves forward and upward.
  • Make sure the kettlebell stays at or beneath shoulder level.
  • Allow the kettlebell to swing back and down as you move into the hinged position.
  • Your forearms will contact your inner thighs allowing kettlebell to swing under hips.
  • Repeat this movement for 10 repetitions.


Stop by our Try it out Tuesday demo at 9 AM or 5 PM every Tuesday to learn a new move or get some expert insight from one of our trainers.


2 handed kettlebell swing


 August 13: Kettlebell Halo 

Nothing beats that ‘hurt so good’ feeling after a solid shoulder session and this week’s Move of the Week definitely delivers just that. The Kettlebell Halo is a popular choice for increasing strength and mobility as well as toning up for those tank tops. It also challenges the core (you’ll see why after you check out the video).


  • Bend your knees to grab the kettlebell. 
  • Hold the round portion and not the handle.
  • Place your feet outside of hip width.
  • Soften your knees and brace your core
  • Move the kettlebell around your head in a circular clockwise motion.
  • Complete ten full circles and then repeat in a counter clockwise direction.


Now you know the basics, show us your halos!



August 6: Kettlebell Slingshot 

After the success of our TRX® Tuesday demo program, we’re excited to announce we’re extending the demos to explore all aspects of the club in a new series called Try it out Tuesday. Each week join us at 9 AM and 5 PM to learn something new from our trainers.


To ring in the new series, we’re focusing on all of the amazing exercises you can do with the Kettlebell. This week’s Try it out Tuesday Move of the Week is the Kettlebell Slingshot. It’s a great exercise for shoulder mobility and developing core strength.


  • Grab the kettlebell with one hand.
  • Place your feet outside your hips and soften your knees.
  • Brace your core and start to rotate the kettlebell behind your body.
  • Transfer to the left hand and rotate to the front of your body and then switch hands again.
  • Repeat 10x then switch directions

Master Trainer Tip: Keep your hips still, your chest up and your eyes straight ahead throughout the movement.




Tune in next week to learn a new move with the Kettlebell!