Feb 26th - BOSU Push-Up

The BOSU Push-Up improves your balance, challenges core and glute strength and strengthens the chest and triceps. It pretty much does ALL THE THINGS!

  1. Place BOSU dome side down. Choose a traditional push-up position or place knees on floor.
  2. Brace your core in an aligned plank position.
  3. Place your hands on either side of the ball’s rim. Make sure your hands are directly beneath your shoulders and that your hips stay lifted.
  4. Maintain an active plank with glutes activated, abs braced and the shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle joint aligned.
  5. Lower your body towards the ground until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.
  6. Driving your palms into the rim, squeeze your chest and push your body back up until elbows are fully extending, all the while maintaining tension throughout the core and glutes.

Go all out with five push-ups followed by 10 squats for as many reps as possible in two minutes.



Feb 19th - Alternating Kettlebell Press

We’re continuing to explore the push movement this week with the alternating kettlebell press. Build single-side strength in the shoulder, improve the strength in your grip and challenge your stability!


  1. Choose an appropriate weight for your kettlebell to allow for an overhead press.
  2. Stand up tall with feet hip to shoulder width apart.
  3. Rack the kettlebells with wrist straight stacked over your elbow and your forearm pulled tight against your body.
  4. Create a stiff plank with your body in full alignment.
  5. Drive one kettlebell up pressing directly above the shoulder, keeping the elbow in tight and core braced.
  6. As you reach full lock out of your elbow and weight overhead, hold position for 1-3 seconds maintaining stiffness in the body.
  7. Maintaining control of the weight, bring the kettlebell back down to the rack position.
  8. Keep the elbow pulled into the body, then return to starting position.
  9. Alternate sides.


Challenge yourself to 60 seconds all out! Keep pressing without putting the weights down!


alternating kettlebell press


Feb 12th - TRX®  Chest Press

Strengthen your chest and triceps while improving shoulder stability and challenging your core in a plank position with the TRX® Chest Press.


Press, press, and press some more:

  1. With the straps fully lengthened, stand facing away from the anchor point.
  2. Maintaining a strong core and plank position, lower your body by bending elbows to 90 degrees.
  3. Drive through your palms while actively squeezing the chest.
  4. Remember to maintain the plank the whole way through.


Once you have the hang of it, try 30 seconds of chest press followed by 30 seconds of quick feet. Do it four times to really ignite the calorie buuurrrrn!


chest press with the TRX®



Feb 4th - Barbell Overhead Press

Build shoulder strength, improve core stability, and challenge your shoulder mobility with this week’s Try it Out Tuesday move of the week – the Barbell Overhead Press. 


Here’s how:

  1. Choose an appropriate weight for your barbell that will allow you to do an overhead press
  2. Stand tall with feet hip to shoulder width apart;
  3. Rack the barbell with your wrist straight and stacked over your elbow. Your forearms should be vertical, with the bar balancing in the center of your palms and chest, and your shoulders down.
  4. Create a stiff plank with your body. Screw your feet into the ground and brace your core.
  5. Maintaining your standing plank, pull your head back slightly and press the weight straight overhead. You want to move your head around the bar, not the bar around your head.
  6. As you lock out your elbows, push your head through your arms into a neutral position.
  7. Maintaining control of the weight bring the kettlebell back down to the rack position.
  8. As you lower the bar, pull your head back slightly to maintain a vertical bar path as you return to the starting rack position.


Once you have the hang of it, challenge yourself to 15 overhead presses with 15 skaters. Then work down the ladder to 10 overhead presses and 10 skaters. Finish it off with five overhead presses and 5 skaters.