Hate burpees but love French Fries? Try these 3 moves that are just as effective.


Ahhh the dreaded burpee – a gnarly squat meets push-up meets jump movement that’ll send you straight to cardio purgatory and leave all your limbs burning. A staple in so many gym classes boot camps and personal training sessions, burpees effectively raise your heart rate and tone your body from head to toe.


Seriously hate burpees, but love those French Fries? We get you. So, we spoke to Andrew Sterkel, fitness manager at In-Shape Palmdale West for some effective moves that’ll give you an awesome workout, burpee-free (and they juuuustt might make any future burpees a little bit easier to do).


1) Box/Bench Kick Out

Using an appropriate height box or bench, get into a forward leaning position and hold an arms-extended plank. Explosively lift your hips up and either kick both legs in towards the box, or quickly step one at a time into a bent over position. Then lift the hips again and kick your legs back into the Box Plank position.



2) Turkish Getup (TGU) without weight

Another great body weight exercise for building endurance and leg strength just using body weight, the TGU is an effective alternative to burpees, but still requires getting down to the floor. Starting out flat on the ground, face up, in a slow/controlled motion sit up to your elbow and then hand, while bringing one leg in. Next step is to bridge the hips upward, and then slide one leg back and come to a kneeling position. Extend the kneeling position like a lunge and stand straight up. Then step by step reverse the order. These are very technique intensive, like the burpee, so ask a personal trainer to check your form to stay injury free.



3) Up/Down Dog

The classic Yoga pose where you alternate back and forth between lifting your chest up towards the ground and your hips down towards the floor, and alternately lifting your hips up towards the ceiling and the crown of your head towards the floor. Predominately used as a stretch, if you alternate back and forth with a short, controlled pause at each end, this can really start to burn the legs and arms and elevate your heart rate. This also helps teach the "snap the hips up" portion of the burpee.


Any questions? Ask a personal trainer, they’ve got your back….even when it’s a little sweaty.