Tobias V-Shape

You know the V-Taper when you see it – broad shoulders, flaring lats and a narrow waist that shouts strength, fitness and power. While it may be coveted by many physique athletes, it can often be elusive. So, we spoke to Tobias Young, In-Shape Antioch’s fitness manager and decorated body builder on his top three tips to create that optical illusion of an inverted triangle – think “The Govenator” from back in the 70’s.



1. Broaden your shoulders

Mr. Young believes the best exercises to accomplish this are overhead presses with either dumbbells or barbells. He also firmly believes in lateral raises with dumbbells or cables.


2. Flare your lats

The latissiumus dorsi is the broadest muscle in the back and stretches to the sides and behind the arm. By increasing the lat width, through cable lat pull-downs and pull-ups, you can create the illusion of a smaller waist and bigger shoulders. This is where you really see the triangle!


3. Narrow the waist to increase the shoulder to waist differential

Mr. Young’s final tip is all about diet. Since there is no way to spot reduce, decrease your overall body fat percentage with small frequent meals. This will increase your metabolism and turn on your fat burning furnace.


Any questions? Just ask one of the trainers at your club. We’re here to help you find your perfect shape…even if that isn’t an inverted triangle!