Then & Now: Tyler Beckham

Being overweight most of my life was always a struggle. From the way my family ate to stressors that seemed to control my life. It was when I finally had the motivation to become more active in middle school that I failed from getting an injury in Cross Country.

This made me afraid of what else could happen being that I was already overweight. I thought to myself that maybe if I just didn't exercise at all I would be better off, or maybe it would force me to study more or focus more on other activities. If anything, it did the complete opposite. All throughout high school I kept getting bigger and bigger, it seemed like I was putting weight on overnight. Finally by Senior year I couldn't fathom the way I felt, looked, or acted, it was my peak of 385 lbs.

I moved back to the Central Valley and joined a local gym, had no guidance, and thought I was eating "healthy." It was when I hit a plateau at the gym that I realized I need more than just a gym membership.

A few days later I canceled that membership and found In-Shape in Tracy. From the moment I walked through the door I knew in my heart I was at the right place and that I was going to make a change. The following day after signing up I had a complimentary training session also known as a Fit-Start. That Fit-Start helped me get to where I am today.

In January of 2016 I had successfully dropped 130 lbs. from where I was two years prior. I was a member of In-Shape for about 5 months before I became an employee for the company. I was highly motivated to help others start losing weight like I was. I became a Membership Advisor and was excited to help people like me get to their goals. My first day on the job I met who is now my Coach, Raymond Sedillo, also current member of In-Shape. Since meeting Sedillo I have lost an additional 42 lbs. and currently weigh 212 lbs. I couldn't be more thankful for having In-Shape in my life and most of all, the people I have met.

Everyday is a new day to improve your life and if I can help other people do that, than in my eyes I have the best job anyone could ask for.