While the exact age and rate at which we lose muscle mass varies, it is a nearly inevitable part of the aging process. In fact, after age 35 we lose on average .5 to 1 per cent of our muscle mass each year! Yikes! But you can do something about it! The good news is, by adding some simple resistance training to your weekly routine, you can improve muscle tone, strength and mass.


In fact, according to Dr. Miriam Nelson’s research for her book Strong Women Stay Young, you can see results with just one or two sessions a week! After a year of strength training twice per week participants in her study had less fat and more muscle; bone loss was prevented or reversed; their strength and energy increased dramatically; and they showed surprising gains in balance and flexibility.


So, dust off the tennis shoes and think of a way to add resistance training to your routine.


  • Try doing squats and lunges at home three times per week;
  • Incorporate free weights into your routine at the gym;
  • Work with a personal trainer who can teach the basics and show you correct form; and
  • Get fit while making new friends at group fitness classes like Aqua aerobics, SilverSneakers, or Easy Does It


With over 70 different In-Shape Health Clubs throughout California, it’s easy to find one-on-one training, free weights, group fitness classes, or an Aqua class to beat the heat while you get fit this summer.