If you have a "mini-me" or two who like working out with you, here's a list of our favorite virtual classes on In-Shape On Demand that you'll all enjoy trying together. These classes were designed for adults but are easy to follow, and we think your kids will have a great time following along.


You could also join them in trying one of our free kids’ classes, too—you might be surprised how much of a workout you get!



1. Cardio Dance With Coach Roberto

We LOVE family dance parties. As you get moving with Coach Roberto, your kids can follow along or bust a move their own way.


2. Restorative Yoga With Coach Jacqueline

Long day? You and your kids can stretch it out together in this restorative yoga class. Yoga can help kids deal with stress and encourages body awareness and movement in a noncompetitive space. 


3. Pilates With Coach Laurie & Coach Roberto

Practicing Pilates with your kids encourages body awareness through precise movements, works their concentration, and is a great way to practice mindfulness. Plus, if you do a Pilates workout multiple times, they’ll enjoy a sense of accomplishment as the moves start to feel easier.


Whether you take a virtual class together, go for a long walk, ride bikes, or any other physical activity you choose, the important thing is to get your kids moving with you!