Whitney Padilla B/A

All it took was a text from my mother for me to embark on my life-changing journey on December 21st, 2015. In that text was an unrecognizable picture of me. I could not believe who I was looking at and knew this is not who I wanted to be. After many tears were shed, I began to prepare myself mentally by making plans for counting calories, workout regimens and finding way to motivate myself to turn the corner and never look back.


I started with baby-steps and began walking everyday, taking 20-25 minutes to walk a mile and even then it felt like a mission. Every single part of my body would ache, but I knew that meant I was doing something right and I could stop there. When it came to my eating habits I knew I had turn them upside down and hit the reset button. I went from eating fast food 2-3 times a day to meal-prepping everyday and including snacks to keep my metabolic rate in line. I even kept track of my calories and macros! Once it became my new lifestyle, I knew then I was ready to take it to the next level and joined In-Shape: Quail Lakes. I made a commitment to myself that while being a busy mom of two little boys, a wife, as well as a behavioral therapist I was going to dedicate an hour a day to my well-being. I wanted to be the best mother and wife I could possibly be and by not keeping my health health in mind I was not giving my family the best of who I was. By joining In-Shape, it brought about change and that change happened fast!


By following my routine and staying on course since day one, I have managed to lose 95 lbs. and have lost 16 inches off my waist to a size 6! I have gone from walking a mile in 20-25 minutes to running a mile in 11 minutes, from lasting only 5 minutes on the elliptical to 30+ minutes no problem and now going to an entire Body Pump class rather than just 15 minutes because I was so out of breath. Today, I am now running 3-5 a day and thanks to the FitStart® Program with Paul from Quail Lakes, I have picked up tips and tricks to lifting weights and becoming more comfortable not only with the equipment, but the gym as a whole.


In-Shape was there every step of the way since I have made health and wellness a priority in my life. Whether it be Paul always being so helpful when it came to answering question I had along the way or the friendliness of the staff and encouragement received from all employees, In-Shape always made each work out that much more enjoyable and fulfilling. In-Shape helped me get my life back and I know when I leave the club each and every day that I gave it my all and those life-long changes were all for the better!