At In-Shape, we always try our best to inspire our members reach their goals, live healthy and feel good about themselves. Today we’d like to share a story of how our personal trainer, Danielle, helped one member beat all the odds and continue on a journey to good health and happiness.


Meet David—a military veteran who not only suffered some injuries during his service, but later was forced to retire early due to other injuries. From his time in the military, he has undergone eight surgeries. After a back surgery, he was even told by doctor’s he’d never walk again. With physical therapy he was able to walk again, but wasn’t able to exercise like he wanted and his stability and strength were impaired. Not only was he under a doctor’s care, he was on extreme medications and was also told he’d need neck and back surgery again very soon.


David longed for a time when he could exercise at the level he was used to. He talked with his physical therapist and doctor and they cleared him with an okay to start at the gym with a workout schedule they provided. David chose to join In-Shape, and signed up for personal training—a choice that truly changed his life.


He met with his new trainer, Danielle, and the first meeting didn’t even involve any exercise. Funny enough, she did what trainers at other gyms don’t always do—she listened. Danielle listened to David about his physical history, limitations he had and the plan his doctor preferred for him. Danielle came up with a workout plan especially for David. She worked with him to strengthen his core and other muscles. She helped him go from 225 pounds to 204 pounds, and the most amazing part is early this year, David’s doctor released him from his care. He can now do things his doctor thought he’d never be able to do again.


David praises Danielle and In-Shape for this life-altering miracle, but we knew he had it in him all along. He just needed a little motivation, and that’s where we came in.