Cardio Training 101: Because exercise improves your mood, boosts your metabolism, gives you more energy and increases your immunity, you might not want to skip out on a workout—even if it is the holidays. Here are some great tips and tricks to boost your cardio regimen for the rest of the year and into 2017. Be sure to utilize each one of our cardio machine’s settings and options to take full advantage of the benefits to be a cardio king!


The options we recommend include:


  • Random: will randomly put you through rolling hills as if you’re walking through your local trails. It’s a great way to avoid a cardio plateau. Never walk/run holding onto the treadmill directly in front of you. It’s an unnatural walking/running position. Hold on to the side handles to help with balance. The hills can get pretty steep in this mode! 

 Cardio 1


  • Fat Burn: the cardio machine will assist you with finding your ideal training heart rate for burning fat. You’ll have to enter your age and weight, however, it’ll be worth it. Periodically grad ahold of the silver heart rate handles and check in with the computer. It’ll either speed you up or slow you down to ensure you’re in the zone!

 Cardio 2


  • Cycling: The key to any effective cycling routine is to make sure you are aligned properly when it comes to your sets, pedals and your handle bars. Your seat should be adjusted so your knees are slightly bent when fully extended. Adjust the toes straps so that your foot fits snug inside the straps. It’ll help with your balance! Finally, choose your computer program to ensure that you’re maximizing your caloric expenditure!


Cycle 1