Looking to get some core work in, but don't have the time to hit the gym? Check out these two ab routines that will help shape and define your mid-section while still giving you plenty of time left in your day. Let’s take a look at each one...at its CORE!


Core Stabilization

Stabilization is about mastering the final position and holding it to allow the smaller muscles to fire for a long period of time. Stabilization training could last up to 20 seconds per rep! 


Plank: Maintain your spaces and elongate your spine. Perfect the plank starting on your knees and then progress to alternating legs, and eventually, a fully extended plank. 

 Plank 1


Plank 2


Side Plank: Maintain spinal alignment balance either on your forearm or your hand (if in push up position).

 Side Plank 1


Side Plank 2


Side Plank 3


Superman: The movement should be initiated by your lower back as you fully extend your arms off the ground as if you were flying.  You can either alternate arms or complete the movement together. Incorporate your legs into the workout by elevating your legs. Try to maintain straight legs throughout the movement. Again, you can alternate your legs or for increased difficulty, try both at the same time.


Superman 1


Superman 2


Superman 3


Superman 4


Core Rotation

Cable Rotation: Adjust the cable machine so the handles are perfectly aligned with your shoulders or mid-chest. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and extend your arms in front of you creating a tension on the cable. Align your chin with your hands, then rotate away from the cable machine. Your arms, chest, and upper body should all rotate together. This will ensure that your abs are doing most of the work. Rotate and then return to the starting position. Because we’re working on your core and your positioning is key, these movements will be slow and controlled. Most importantly, don't forget to breathe on each rep!


Cable Rotation 1


Cable Rotation 2


Cable Rotation 3


Cable Rotation 4


Cable Rotation 5