Prepare yourself for carrying all those heavy holiday shopping bags by ditching the weights and picking up these quick and effective workouts that will tone your arms in no time. Start by doing each exercise for one minute (four minutes total), and then repeat the exercises as you gain strength over time.


  • ‘Gift Giving’ Upright Cable Rotations:
    • Set the Cable system to shoulder height. Grasp the handles with both hands and rotate across your body keeping your arms fully extended and your feet shoulder width apart.  Be sure to rotate at your waist. Remember, this is a rotation, not a pulling motion! Switch sides and rotate the opposite direction.


Cable Rotation 1


Cable Rotation 2


  • ‘Gift Lifting’ Angled Cable Rotations:
    • Adjust the cable system to the bottom of the machine.  Facing forward, you’ll turn to the cable and grasp it with both hands. From a crouching position, you’ll stand up and begin the rotation across your body finishing with your arms fully extended over your opposite shoulder. Switch sides and rotate the opposite direction.


Angled Cable Rotation 1


Angled Cable Rotation 2


Angled Cable Rotation 3


  • ‘Heavy Shopper’ Cable Shrugs:
    • Adjust the cables system to the bottom of the machine.  Grasp both handles and stand upright with your arms fully extended by your side. Shrug your shoulders and keep your head, chin and posture in a perfectly still position. Your shoulders should be moving towards your ears! 


Shrugs 1


Shrugs 2


  • ‘Multi-Gift Carrying’ Cable Chest Fly:
    • Adjust the cable pulleys so they are even with your shoulders. Grab the handles and adjust your feet into a staggered stance where your feet are shoulder width apart and one foot is slightly in front of the other. Simultaneously pull the cables forward in a “hugging” motion until your handles touch (contact should be made directly in front of your chest). Slowly return the cable handles to the starting position and repeat.


Cable Press 1


Cable Press 2