Join us for Outdoor Fitness at Stockton West Lane! Learn More  ››
Join us for Outdoor Fitness at Stockton West LaneLearn More  ››
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Summer Days at In-Shape | Outdoor Fitness Image

Summer Days at In-Shape

Summer fun is waiting at In-Shape West Lane! Come cool off at the pool, take a group fitness class, get in your reps, or play tennis, pickleball, and sand volleyball. Open to all active In-Shape members. We'd love to see you there!


Outdoor amenities include:

  • Lap swim*
  • Open swim/Family swim*
  • Group fitness classes (including Aqua) every morning*
  • Tennis, pickleball, sand volleyball*
  • Over 60 pieces of cardio & selectorized equipment
  • Free weights area
  • Cycle area
  • Pool lounge pods*

*Reservations required


How it Works:

  • Make a reservation using the In-Shape app. Pools (Lap Swim and Open Swim/Family Swim), Tennis, Pickleball and Group Fitness also require their own reservation. Learn how to make reservations here.
  • Make sure you have a card on file before your visit. You can add one to your account in the In-Shape app.
  • Visit the club at your designated reservation time. Each reservation is two hours.
  • Each member needs to have their own reservation and check-in individually, no group check-ins. 
  • Enjoy your workout or pool time!


How Much Does it Cost?

  • $7 per person, per visit ($21 max daily charge per membership)
  • Members will not be charged their regular monthly dues.

Map of Stockton West Lane outdoor amenities. Click here to see court, lane and pool pod numbers.

Stockton West Lane Map





Which club locations offer Summer Days at In-Shape?

This offering is currently available at In-Shape Stockton West Lane as a pilot program. Based on member interest, we may expand this to other In-Shape clubs.


Is this for In-Shape members only?

Yes. If you initiated a hold on your account, please remove the hold so you can join us. Reminder: no membership dues will be billed while the (indoor) club is closed. To remove a hold, please go to Profile > Membership Holds in the In-Shape app.


I want to add back my kids/friends/neighbors to my account now. How do I do that?

To reactivate or add members to your account, go to the In-Shape app (or Member Hub) > Profile > Manage Members > Add New Member


How much does it cost?

$7 per person, per visit (with a $21 max per membership per day). For example, for a family of 5, we will only charge your account $21 dollars, not $35. Check-in fees are non-refundable. 


How do I pay?

The fee will be charged to your card on file or established autopay. If you do not have AutoPay set up, you will need a credit card on file. To add a credit card, go to the In-Shape app (or Member Hub) > Profile > Payment Methods


Will I be charged my monthly dues plus the $7 per visit?

No, you’ll be charged the $7 per person, per visit fee. No membership dues will be billed while the (indoor) club is closed. Check-in fees are non-refundable.


What amenities are available?

Available amenities include morning group fitness classes (including Aqua), pool (lap swim, family swim), pickleball, tennis, and sand volleyball. Bikes, benches, weights, barbells, kettlebells, and more equipment will also be available. Check out the outdoor club layout.


Do I need to make reservations?

Yes, reservations are required. Please review the available times for your desired activity and make a club reservation in advance of that time frame. Then, you can make specific reservations for your activity (class, tennis, pool lane, etc.) For example, if you want to lap swim at 9am, you should make a reservation to arrive between 8:30am-9:00am so you can enjoy every minute of your lap swim time.


What is a pool pod?

Pool pods will be set up along the perimeter of the pool to provide a place for members to relax with up to 5 members from the same household. There are four time blocks for the pool pods. Each pod will be sanitized in between reservations. Please reserve your pool pod in the In-Shape app, marked as Outdoor Lounge/Family Swim.

  • 10:15am – 12:00pm
  • 12:30pm – 2:15pm
  • 2:45pm – 4:30pm
  • 5:00pm – 6:45pm


Will I be charged if I make a reservation and don’t show up?

You will be charged when you check in. However, as a courtesy to other members, please cancel any reservations that you will not be using. If you do not arrive between your 30-minute arrival time frame, your club reservation and all associated activities will be cancelled.


Outdoor Sand Volleyball Rules

  • Members may reserve the volleyball court by the hour
  • Up to 8 people allowed on the court at a time.
  • Reservations start at 6am
  • Final reservation time is 6pm Monday – Friday, 3pm Sat/Sun


How long can I stay?

You’re welcome to stay up to 2 hours at the club (outdoors). Lap swim will be limited to 30 minutes and 1 person per lap lane or 4 people from the same household. You can reserve a pool lounge pod (max 4 people) for up to 1 hour and 45 minutes. There are 16 shaded lounge pods available. This will allow time for extra cleaning in between reservations.


How long can I lap swim?

Lap swim reservations are for 30 minutes. Only 1 person is allowed per lap lane (or up to 4 people from same household) and there are 5 lanes available. 


What courts or lanes are available?

Check out this map for the available options for tennis, pickleball, volleyball, pool lanes and pool lounge pods.


What types of group fitness classes will be available?

Join us for Yoga Restore, Yoga Burn, Barre, Pilates, Cycle, ZUMBA, WOD U-Jam, Cardio and Aqua beginning Tuesday, August 4th. Classes will be 30 or 45 minutes long. Please check the class schedule in your app for current available classes. 


Will Kid Zone be open while I take a group fitness class?

No, Kid Zone will be unavailable.


Will locker rooms be available?

Locker rooms will only be available for handwashing and bathroom use. There is limited locker availability and no indoor showers are available at this time. Please come dressed ready to work out, play court sports or swim.


It gets hot in Stockton. Will there be shade outside?

Yes, we will have tents and shading to keep everyone cool. Please bring your water bottle (pre-filled) to stay hydrated!


Will there be restrooms?

Yes, restrooms will be available.


Since this is outdoors, will temperature checks and masks be required?

Yes, temperature checks will be administered at check-in. Masks will be required for check-in/check-out. Masks are encouraged outside too (except while swimming).


I’m a senior and my membership is paid through my insurance. Do I have to pay the per visit fee?

No, your insurance will cover this fee.


Do I need to wear shoes while I’m outside?

Yes, please wear shoes or flip flops in the pool area. In all other areas we require the appropriate athletic footwear with toes covered. We want to ensure your feet/toes are protected from all the heavy weights and equipment.

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