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The new In-Shape app and Member Hub makes it easy to update your account and make changes to your membership! Below are some common requests that can be addressed in the In-Shape app or Member Hub.


Currently, only the main member of the account can access and make these changes.


In-Shape Outdoors is available at my home club and I want to return. What do I need to do?

Your membership dues will be activated automatically, so all you need to do is make a Club Reservation (see below) and you're all set! If you put your account on hold, you'll need to reactivate it using the In-Shape app or Member Hub


Click here for instructions on how to remove a hold from your account.

Click here for payment options.


In-Shape Outdoors is available at my home club but I’m not ready to return. What do I do?

You can place your account on hold by visiting the Profile > Membership Holds section of the In-Shape app or Member Hub.


Click here for instructions on how to do this. 


In-Shape Outdoors is available at a neighboring club and I want to work out there. What do I need to do?

If your account is on hold, you'll need to reactivate it in the In-Shape app (click here for instructions). If your account is active, simply make a reservation at an open club using the In-Shape app.


Click here for instructions on how to make a Club Reservation. 


I want to keep my membership on hold/freeze until indoor club use is available. What do I do?

To check if membership is currently on hold, visit the Profile > Membership Holds section of the In-Shape app or Member Hub.


If you need to put you account on hold, click here for instructions on how to do this. 


My kids only need Kid Zone access and will not be using any of the outdoor amenities. How do I put them on hold until indoor Kid Zone reopens?

You can only put your entire membership on hold, not specific members. You will need to remove your child from your membership until Kid Zone is open and you're ready to bring them back to the club. Please note there is a $10 processing fee to remove and add members to a membership.


To remove a member to your membership, go to Profile > Manage Members in the In-Shape app or Member Hub and click the X next to the member you'd like to remove.


How do I get credit from the days the club was closed because of the government mandate?

 A credit will be automatically applied to eligible accounts. We have paused membership billing for closed clubs. As a result, we will credit club access for any prepaid dues during our closure. For example, if your home club was closed for 12 days in July, you will be credited with 12 days of usage once the club reopens. This access may be in the form of a statement credit for use against future membership dues once the clubs reopens.


To view the current credit or oustanding balance on your account, go to Profile > Billing in the In-Shape app or Member Hub.


I’m ready to come work out! How do I make a club reservation?

Click here for information about how to make a reservation.

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