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Meet Josh

Think runners are crazy? So did Josh before he became one. Coach Josh is here to help you reach the finish line on race day. A heavy lifter and a cardio naysayer, Josh never thought he’d be inspiring others to lace up their running shoes and hit the pavement. Josh wanted to show his wife (a cardio devotee) that he could beat her in an obstacle course race at Dodger Stadium. A torn pec (and an injured ego!) later, he was out of commission and on the couch. Since he couldn’t lift, he turned to running and as the story goes, he fell in love. Now training for his first marathon, Josh will keep you motivated as you navigate your own running journey.

Meet Zach

Not a beginner but not quite a seasoned runner? Maybe you used to be a runner but usually spend most of your cardio time in a Beatz RIDE. Or maybe it’s just been a while since you last raced. Meet Coach Zach. He’s here to help those of you who want to feel strong, feel confident and maybe have a little fun as you cross the finish line. Zach is also relatively new to running – finishing his first full mile one morning before work in 2016. Now a competitive racer, Zach motivates on the days that are tough by thinking about all his opponents who are out there training – even if it is raining! He definitely caught the run bug. In his own words, “To me nothing beats running on a quiet trail somewhere. It is a time to self-reflect and realize how lucky I am to be doing what I’m doing.” Join Zach’s team to feel strong and confident in your running again.

Meet Condy

Still trying to find that “runner’s high” and develop a love of running? Meet Coach Condy. She’s all about finding your rhythm and overcoming physical and mental obstacles so running can change from a chore to a passion. Condy’s love for fitness started with running at 13 and continued into her career as a Group Fitness Coach. On your cross-training days, meet Condy for a Barre or Cardio Dance virtual class, because exercise should be fun! As Condy says, “Running helps you find your inner strength and realize you’re capable of so much.” She also believes in the motivating power of a good playlist. “I love music and dance, so I feel like I’m dancing while running!” Her positive attitude and vivacious personality will have you “dancing” across that finish line in no time.

Meet Jacqueline

Love logging miles but haven’t trained or raced in a long time? Meet Coach Jacqueline. A motivational mindset and mindful movement is the name of her game. A yoga and meditation coach and ex-college triathlete, Coach Jacqueline will help you dust off those running shoes and get back on track. Join Jacqueline for weekly yoga to help you recover and moments of mindfulness to help you motivate. As an ex-racer it can be difficult to accept where you are now, rather than where you used to be. But as Jacqueline says, “Change is the only thing that’s permanent in life. Let’s work together to become the best runners we can be now, not then. With a little sweat and the right mindset, you just might surprise yourself.”

Meet Jeremiah

Calling all you seasoned runners out there! Jeremiah is here to help you slice seconds off your splits and crush your 5k. A competitive obstacle course racer and coach, Jeremiah has been running for over 20 years. He loves exploring new trails, connecting with nature, clearing his mind and the meditation his long outdoor runs have become. Jeremiah’s focus on speed work and his extensive experience will help you drop time in short and long distances. Plus, he is a beast and will help you train for your next OCR. As an advanced runner, it can be a challenge to accept the small wins. But as Jeremiah says, “Running is a lifestyle and takes time to progress. Let’s celebrate the small milestones on your journey to a faster 5k or 10k.”