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  • How Your Gut Affects Your Skin

    Looking to get that glow? Look no further than your gut. Specifically, the bacteria in your gut. Gut bacteria has a major influence on the health of your body, your brain function and yes, your skin too.   According to HealthLine, a healthy gut mic

  • September Recharge Card Workout

    What better way to celebrate National Yoga Month than with a session that challenges mobility, stability and core strength with yoga-inspired moves? Grab a friend and complete this workout together!   Equipment Needed: Yoga/Stretch Mat Dumbells for

  • September Yoga Pose of the Day Challenge

    Celebrate National Yoga Month by trying a new yoga pose each day as part of our In-Shape Yoga Challenge. Everyone can join! Share your photos on social media with #InShapeYogaChallenge for your chance to win cool prizes.     Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 We

  • Grub on This, Give Up on That: 4 Smart Swaps at Your Favorite Fast Food Stops

    Road tripping this summer? Don’t let all your hard work in the gym, and kitchen, go to waste when you stop for lunch. Packed full of fat, calories, sodium and sugar (yes sugar!), fast food can do some serious nutritional damage.   But we get it. S

  • Calcium and Vitamin D: Working Together to Build Strong Bones

    Calcium is the building block of our bones and importantly something we can only get through food. Thinking you should up your milk intake? Or perhaps ‘add a dollop of Daisy’ to your Fajita night?   Probably a good call. According to the Nationa

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