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    Merced’s Healthy Lifestyle Leader Celebrates New, Larger Club   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 8/27/13 Contact: Michelle Clark, In-Shape Health Clubs (209) 472-2231, ext. 1170 or   Merced, CA (August 27, 2014) – On Tuesday, Septemb

  • What is Supersetting and Why You Should Try It

        What is supersetting and why you should try it   We’re always looking for new ways to challenge our bodies to get those gains. You can change up your exercises, lift heavier for fewer reps, lift lighter for more reps, or adjust how quickly y

  • Success Story: Darla P.

    Everyone is on a different fitness journey and each one has its own set of successes and failures. Sometimes when there seem to be more setbacks than major gains, it helps to know that we’ve all been there. It also helps to have someone supporting

  • June Recharge Card Workout: Flexibility

    This month, strengthen as you lengthen with this flexibility focused workout. We know stretching isn’t always exciting, but it’s a great way to release tight muscles and flexibility is important for preventing injury. Grab a friend and give this

  • Cafe Mocha Protein Shake

    Let’s face it, mornings are hectic. This month, save time without sacrificing flavor (or your health) with June’s Recharge Card recipe – a Café Mocha Protein Shake. The protein will keep you fuller for longer while the caffeine will power you

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