Ready to elevate your pickleball skills? In-Shape Stockton West Lane offers a series of clinics led by Hall of Famer and 8-time International Racquetball Tour champion, John Ellis, where you can learn how to take your game  to the next level. 

Clinics are included in all Local and Lifestyle Network memberships at Stockton West Lane. All other members can upgrade their membership or add RQT for an additional $19.99 per month.

How to sign up:

  1. Upgrade to the Local Network: N. San Joaquin or any Lifestyle Network membership with a Team Member in the club.
  2. Don't want to change your membership type? Add RQT to your current membership for just $19.99 per month, per member. Just ask a team member. 

More locations will be coming soon including additional RQT clinics for tennis and racquetball.



RQT PB Adult Class: Intermediate
Improve your game with 60 minutes of pickleball drills designed to develop your shot selection, shot execution, strategies of pickleball and service skills. Doubles play is available after the class!

RQT PB Adult Class: Advanced
60 minutes of pickleball drills designed for tournament level players of 3.5 and higher. The class will feature drills to help players execute various shots in game speed, while competing with multiple advanced opponents. Advanced doubles play is available immediately following the class.

RQT PB Adult Class: Intermediate Class & Ladder
Players at level 3.0 and below should attend this class to practice their pickleball doubles skills. The ladder will provide all players with plenty of games, partnering with and competing against different players.

RQT PB: Doubles Rotations
This class will feature 90 minutes of doubles play based on a specific style of rotations to create new partners and new opponents. Doubles Rotations is perfect for the intermediate and advanced players. Get ready for an action-packed workout experience!

RQT PB: Members Only Weekly Shootout
Want to know what it’s like to play pickleball in a tournament? Come join us for our weekly shootout. Members will compete in a mock tournament with a new partner every time they attend. You do not need to have a partner to reserve your spot, as one will be assigned when you arrive. The shootout will take approximately 2-2.5 hours to complete. This class is the perfect way to get comfortable playing in tournaments, so you can sign up for our next pickleball tournament!

*All members who have Stockton West Lane as their home club, or currently have access to Stockton West Lane through their membership type, will have access to this product. Members who made a reservation in the existing Stockton West Lane Pickleball Clinics, prior to 7/1/22, will automatically get this service at no additional cost. If your membership is part of a Corporate Account which is Corporate Paid, Payroll Deduct or Subsidized you will need to consult with our member services team for more info on adding this to your membership.