Join us for challenging flows to strengthen your body or relaxing yoga sessions to soothe your mind. Below are the Flexibility & Stability classes we offer. Check your club's studio schedule for times, and don't forget to make a reservation!



Melt away stress with this class curated to strengthen your body and increase flexibility while granting you a sense of calm. In LES MILLS BODYBALANCE®, simple yoga moves meet our favorite elements of Tai Chi and Pilates set to soothing music. This class is great for all fitness levels.


In our infrared warmed room, let our soulful instructors guide you through breathing, alignment, and modifications to build your practice. This graceful, strong, and relaxing class includes plenty of core, balance, and flexibility. You will detoxify the body while calming the mind in the 90 plus degree infrared temperature.


Join us for a guided meditation dedicated to reducing stress, finding a deep state of relaxation and developing a tranquil mind.


Want to enhance joint and muscle flexibility, perfect your posture, and elevate your overall movement quality? Try this class! It focuses on fortifying postural muscles, enhancing joint mobility, and refining both static and dynamic balance. You'll experience increased joint flexibility, reduced stiffness, and a newfound freedom of pain-free, graceful movement.


Discover the warrior within as you navigate through a dynamic class featuring invigorating poses and seamless sequences. Embrace the challenge of longer pose holds and a continuous flow that minimizes rest breaks, all while breaking a sweat in the process.


This class is perfect for first-timers, those recovering from injuries, or anyone that wants a more gentle approach to yoga. It is also recommended for pre/post natal women and seniors.


Improve your flexibility, reduce injury, and enhance your athletic performance with our STRETCH class. Add it on after your favorite Studio Fitness class, or take it on its own on a rest day, to optimize your movement, improve your ability in the weight room, and increase longevity.


Immerse yourself in the ancient art of Tai Chi. Integrate your mind into your workout and use breathing techniques to develop an internal energy with Tai Chi for Health. This class combines Tai Chi principles, Qigong, Sun Style, Yang style and other combined Tai Chi for Health programs. Students learn Sun and Yang Style Tai Chi movements and refine to a deeper level.


Ignite your internal fire with this fast paced, fluid style yoga flow. Breath is used to move through a sequence of yoga postures to strengthen and tone the body, while challenging flexibility and increasing mobility. Power up your practice, power up your confidence.


Gentle postures and breathwork that will stretch your body and unwind your mind. This class will increase your flexibility and mobility and will complement your workout routine. Calm your body and your mind as you soften to find balance on and off the mat.