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FIT CLUB Rewards

What is FIT CLUB Rewards?

It’s simple: sign up, earn points, then redeem those points for prizes!

With FIT CLUB Rewards, you’ll earn points for coming to the club, taking studio classes and much more. Redeem points for instant rewards like exclusive FIT CLUB merch, beverages, retail discounts on retail items, and more.

Earn your first points now just for signing up.

FIT CLUB Rewards - Earn

Earn FIT CLUB Rewards

Earn points for checking in at the club, referring your family and friends, taking studio classes and more. Plus, you’ll earn points when you sign up, on your birthday and on your membership anniversary!

How to earn points:

  • Join FIT CLUB Rewards
  • Daily Club Check-in
  • Take a Studio Class
  • Bonus when your Friend Joins
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • & More!
FIT CLUB Rewards - Refer Your Friends

Refer Your Friends

Want to work out with your family and friends AND get rewarded for it? Every time you refer someone to join In-Shape, both you and that member will get to choose from 500 points or a $25 credit*! Refer four people, get four rewards. It’s that easy!

*$25 reward or 500 points issued 90 days after referred member joins In-Shape.

FIT CLUB Rewards

Reward Yourself

You've worked hard, so you should get rewarded for it! 

After accumulating points, check the FIT CLUB Rewards app for a one-time use coupon to use toward exclusive FIT CLUB merch, retail items, special discounts, In-Shape gear or other great prizes available in our Rewards Shop. Click the link below to see our current assortment of items.  


Prizes include:

  • FIT CLUB Swag
  • Drinks & Snacks
  • Workout Towel
  • $5 - $10 Off Any Retail Item
  • In-Shape Apparel & Gear
  • Apple Watch
  • Quarterly Sweepstakes Prizes
  • & More!
FIT CLUB Rewards

Your FIT CLUB Rewards Account


How it Works:

  1. Create your account using the same email address that is connected to your In-Shape Health Clubs membership. Every member needs their own email address. If you usually share an email, you’ll need to set up an email for each member on your account who is over 18. You can do this in the In-Shape app.
  2. Add your birthday so we can award you extra points as a birthday bonus!
  3. Earn points for activities including club check-ins (one per day), referring a friend, attending studio classes and more. Remember to make your class/amenities reservations in the app so you can earn those points.
  4. Redeem your points for exclusive FIT CLUB Rewards merch, treats and beverages, special discounts, In-Shape gear and much more. Sign in to the FIT CLUB Rewards store using the same account login information to see all the options and start rewarding yourself!

Having Issues? Please click here to view our FAQs.