At In-Shape Family Fitness, we are passionate about making a positive impact on our local communities by helping non-profit organizations and schools. If you're organizing an event and would like to request an auction item to support your cause, please fill out the below form. While we don't provide cash donations, we may be able to contribute in other ways.

We do, however, have a few rules:

  1. Proximity: To be eligible for our support, your organization or event should be located within 5-10 miles of our locations. We believe in fostering connections with our nearby communities.
  2. Eligibility: Currently, we are focused on aiding nonprofit organizations that hold federal recognition as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, as well as local schools.
  3. Lead Time: Kindly provide us with at least 30 days' notice before your event. This lead time allows us to ensure a thoughtful and meaningful contribution to your cause.

Thank you for considering In-Shape as a potential partner for your fundraising efforts.