When you go to the club to get your workout, we make sure your child is also staying active and has space to run around. In-Shape Family Fit's Kid Zones are for kids ages 3 months to 11 years old and kids are separated by age. With close supervision from friendly, Trustline certified staff, kids have a ton of fun with amenities such as age-appropriate and safe space mazes, basketball courts, soccer areas, arts and crafts and indoor and outdoor play areas. A child membership also pays for itself in just one visit, making it the best deal around!



Our infant care service can take children from three months through the toddler stage. Our infant area is separated from the older kids and is equipped with bouncers, walkers and diaper changing stations. Our caregivers are present and attentive 100% of the time and stimulate your baby with games and toys appropriate for their young imaginations.


For small children up to four years old, In-Shape Family Fitness keeps separate play areas to keep them safe. They have their own special games and toys and (at select locations) an outdoor playground all to themselves! Your child will enjoy exploring their creativity with arts and crafts and other fun projects. Age appropriate games and story books are on hand to keep them engaged through your entire workout.


For ages 4-11 years old

Once a child turns four, they're old enough to go to Kid Zone — the “big kid" side of child care — until they turn twelve. They'll have access to scheduled activities, a kid-sized basketball court, a climbing maze, video games, and air hockey.*

*Amenities vary by location.


In-Shape Family Fitness is not a licensed childcare facility and is exempt from licensing pursuant to Health & Safety Code section 1596.792. ISFF only provides babysitting and Kid Zone facilities in accordance with the following restrictions:

  1. A parent or legal guardian must be on the premises at all times for children to attend the baby sitting and Kid Zone facilities.
  2. Children must be on a membership (along with a current photo) and may only be checked in or out by their parent or legal guardian on the same membership. Members may not bring cousins, friends or children they are babysitting even if the child is on another membership.
  3. There is a two-hour maximum for any child (club time limits vary between 90 minutes and two hours).
  4. Age limits: (where applicable)
    • Infants/Little Members: 3 months through 4 years old
    • Kidz Klub: 4 years up to 11 years old
    • Workout Floor: 12 years old and older
  5. Food is not permitted. Drinks are permissible but must be in labeled spill proof bottles or drink cups with the child’s name.
  6. Parents are not permitted to bring toys or games from home. Parents are permitted to bring in electronic devices for children 5 years old and older.
  7. Attendants do not assist in diapering, toileting, dressing, grooming, bathing, or other personal hygiene.
  8. Attendants do not assist with taking medications. We do not store and/or distribute medications
  9. Attendants do not monitor food intake or special diets, up to and including bottle feeding.
  10. A child with cold or flu symptoms (e.g. runny nose, fever, eye or skin irritations, vomiting or diarrhea, etc.) will not be admitted. Attendants reserve the right to turn away children that appear to be sick.
  11. If disciplinary action is necessary, a time out will be given as a temporary measure. If a child continues to present a problem or exhibits violent behavior, parents will be paged and asked to remove their child from the Kid Zone. If behavior that is deemed violent or harmful to others continues, a suspension may be implemented.
  12. If a child cries for more than 10 minutes, the parent must remove the child.
  13. Wet clothes or swimsuits are not permitted.
  14. Children must wear shoes on the floor, socks in the maze. Bare feet are not permitted. Children must wear socks or shoes at all times. (Socks must be worn in the Playscape)
  15. ISFF reserves the right to refuse the care of any child.
  16. If an attendant feels that child safety is at risk because of overcrowding, we reserve the right not to admit any more children.

Additional Procedures

  1. The same member should check their children in and out of the facility. If another parent is going to pick up the child, this must be indicated at check-in and a note will be placed in the computer system.  That parent must also be on the membership with a valid picture.  
  2. Only a parent/guardian is allowed to drop off or pick up children from the Kid Zone.  
  3. Grand Parent Membership and Waiver required for Grandparents to drop off and pick up children. 
  4. If a parent attempts to pick up a child and the picture does not match our system or there is no picture on the system for the parent, Kid Zone Team Member must verify parent’s identity with picture ID or with information on computer such as date of birth.

For more information, please visit our Kid Zone FAQs: