In-Shape Family Fitness owns and operates 60+ locations throughout California. Please visit the Find a Club page for the location nearest you.

Each club has a Cardio Area containing a full assortment of cardio machines (treadmills, cross-trainers, bikes, step machines, etc.) along with a variety of entertainment options. Many clubs offer a combination of the following activities and amenities: tennis, racquetball, indoor and outdoor swimming, outdoor workout areas, unlimited studio classes, weight lifting and state-of-the-art fitness machines.  We also offer day camps and incredible kids areas in many of our clubs. Please visit the Club Amenities page for a complete list of amenities.

Yes, all clubs have massage chair(s) and select locations have hydromassage beds as well. We also have massage chairs and hydromassage beds as part of our new Elevate Package. This package is replacing the old VIP offering (pre-COVID.) All current members will have the opportunity to add this on to their membership or upgrade their membership.

Ready to enjoy a massage? Simply make a reservation in the app, check in with the Welcome Desk 5 minutes before your reservation, then relax and recover in our massage area. If your plans change, please cancel your reservation at least 2 hours prior so other members can take your spot. Note: There is a $2 no-show fee if you don’t cancel your reservation

Each member is provided with a copy of the In-Shape Family Fitness policies upon joining the club. Each member 13 years and over must check in at the front desk with their own member ID to enter the facility. Memberships are non-transferable. ISFF reserves the right to change rules and regulations at any time. All members will be obligated to comply with such rules, regulations or policies. Please visit the Rules and Regulations page for a complete list.

For the safety and protection of all of our members and team members/employees, In-Shape Family Fitness policy prohibits firearms from being brought into our clubs, except in the case of authorized law enforcement personnel. Any member who fails to comply with this policy is subject to having his or her membership revoked and being prohibited from using our clubs.

In-Shape Family Fitness memberships are designed to be flexible for you and your unique needs. Month-to-Month memberships with options available to select your preferred access and monthly dues based upon an enrollment fee or Paid in Full memberships for 1,2 3, or 12 months**. Up to 4 adults may be added to your account and up to 8 children (children must be related to or a ward to the main member).

**Subject to current product availability offering and may not be available at all locations.

Most services including add members, updating billing info or changing your account in any way can be done via the In-Shape Family Fitness app or Member Hub on Simply login and click Profile from the navigation menu to make the changes. Changes will be processed within 30 days of receipt of the completed form. There is a $10 processing fee for any non-administrative membership changes.

Click here for more information on how to make changes to your account.

In order to properly reflect your changes in time for the next billing cycle, it takes up to 30 days to ensure we correctly update your account and confirm the individual requesting the change is an authorized signer.

A member in good standing may place membership on hold after 30 days of membership, for a monthly fee of $5 (unless the hold is requested for a verified medical condition) for a maximum of six (6) months . The AutoPay on the membership file must be confirmed and active to deduct the monthly hold fee if applicable. Billing automatically resumes the month after the requested hold date unless a member calls to release the hold early. Use of the club or its facilities during the "Hold" period will result in the membership being reactivated immediately; and member's regular monthly membership charges will be assessed.

In order to make it easy and eliminate the need to carry money or a credit card to the club, you may enroll in our supercharge program to conveniently charge to your account while in the club. Simply provide a credit card number in the Profile section of the In-Shape Family Fitness app to get started.

The easiest way is to use the In-Shape Family Fitness app by clicking Profile in the top left navigation then select Billing Information to see your current balance. Team Members at the Welcome Desk at the club may provide you with your account balance, or you may contact Member Services.

Our mailing address is: In-Shape Family Fitness, 6507 Pacific Ave #344, Stockton, CA 95207. You can reach the Corporate headquarters by filling out the form on our Contact Us page. To contact your local club, visit our Find a Club page for club-specific contact information.

Club and Kid Zone hours vary by club. Hours are listed in each club's separate web page. Please see the Find a Club page to locate individual club pages where this information can be found.

There is a $10 processing fee for any non-administrative membership changes. We suggest you visit your club so a Membership Advisor can assist you with any changes needed to your membership.

Most members use our convenient AutoPay method for paying from a checking or credit card account. Dues are drafted on/or about the 2nd of each month automatically. The total balance of your account is due at the corporate office by the 2nd of the month and is late after the 15th of the current month.

For details on how to cancel you membership, visit

As with any changes to a membership, we require a cancellation request in writing to ensure an authorized member is requesting the cancellation.

Corporate discounts are available for companies with a minimum of 100 employees. Please visit our Corporate Partners page if you would like information on setting up a corporate account.

Pricing varies based upon membership level and access. Find a club you'd like to join to see membership options and pricing on our site. You can also schedule a tour by filling out the Book a Tour form.

Members are allowed to leave their kids in Kid Zone for up to two hours. In the event a Member comes in the morning and in the evening, they are allowed to leave their kid for up to two hours each visit.

We prefer checking or savings AutoPay information and will also accept credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express). No prepaid cards or checks are accepted.

Personal Training is currently available at select clubs and will be expanding to more clubs soon. Visit our Personal Training page for details. 

Yes! Guests can join you at the club 3 different ways:  

  1. If you have the PREFERRED package, bring a guest with your free daily guest pass
  2. Sign up for a free 3-day trial
  3. Book a Free Tour and get a one-day trial