You can make payment online here.

Click here for instructions on how to update your billing info and methods of payment.

Primary Method is used for recurring end of month charges and for annual fees. Additional Methods are used for online or in-club retail purchases.

Dues are drafted on or about the 2nd of each month automatically.

  • Annual Fee: $49.99 for a single membership; or $89.98 for a membership consisting of two or more.
  • ACH Rate Discount: $7.99
  • Statement Fee: $14.99
  • Return Item Fee: $9.99
  • Hold Fee:$5 per month
  • Processing Fee: $10.00
  • Term Membership Early Cancellation Fee: Please see the Terms and Conditions of your agreement (N/A on month to month memberships)
  • Reservation No Show Fee*: $2.00

*Applicable on select amenities and studio classes.

Click here for instructions on how to view your current membership balance.

There are many reasons why your bill may be higher than normal. The most common causes are listed below.

  • If you recently joined, there may have been a promotional credit applied to your previous month's bill
  • Recent changes to your membership may have resulted in processing fees and/or pro-rated charges
  • Prior unpaid balances and/or return item fees may have been included in your current bill

The charge at the beginning of the month is your recurring monthly dues. If you were also drafted on or around the 15th we assessed your annual fee.

Click here for more information about our annual fee.

All cancellation requests require a 30-day notice. Any prorated membership fees and charges owed for the 30-day cancellation period, plus any unpaid balances, must be paid by the end of the 30-day cancellation period or, if Member is enrolled in AutoPay, on the last monthly AutoPay payment.