It’s simple: sign up, earn points for working out, then redeem those points for prizes!

With FIT CLUB Rewards, you’ll earn points for coming to the club, referring your family and friends, taking studio classes (don’t forget to make a reservation!) and more. These points can easily be redeemed for instant rewards like exclusive FIT CLUB merch, beverages and treats, discounts on retail items, and much more.

You’ll earn your first points just for signing up.

Once you’re signed up, we’ll keep track of your points for you. You can check your point total at any time by clicking “FIT CLUB Rewards” in the In-Shape app. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you’ll be able to redeem those points for prizes. Download the In-Shape app today!

You've worked hard, so you should get rewarded for it! After accumulating points, check the FIT CLUB Rewards app for a one-time use coupon and redeem your prize at the Welcome Desk.

Yes, it’s for In-Shape members with an active membership. If you cancel your membership, you lose all your points and they can’t be added back if you rejoin.

It’s easy! Click here to sign up today. Remember, you must use the same email address associated with your In-Shape membership. That's how we’ll accurately award you points. Every member over 18 needs their own email address. You can go in the In-Shape app or member hub to update your account.

No, your points will roll over each month. Want to save your points for a bigger prize? Go for it. Points will be valid as long as you have an active In-Shape membership.

If you cancel your membership, you forfeit all your points.

No, points do not transfer. With a new membership, you will have to start over.

No, members cannot combine or share points. Each participant must earn their own points. Make sure everyone on your account who is over 18 has a unique email and signs up for the program.

Please confirm you signed up for the program. If you didn’t register for FIT CLUB Rewards with a valid email address associated with your In-Shape membership, we wouldn’t know who to issue the points to so your account may not have been activated. If that’s not the issue, email us at and we’ll look into it.

Your email/login must match the email you used to sign up for In-Shape membership. The email address cannot be shared. Each participant must have a unique email address. You may check your member profile in the In-Shape app or Member Hub by clicking Profile > Contact Information.

Confirm your communication preferences in the mobile app. Click on Profile > Contact Information > Communication Preferences.

Give the gift of fitness and earn something fun for you and your friend! How does $25* for both of you sound, plus earning points toward prizes? Using your unique referral link, we’ll track your referrals and their responses. Once your friends join, we’ll notify you that you’ve earned a prize. Your friend needs to be a member 90 days before prizes are issued. Refer your friends (and family) to work out with you and let them begin their fitness journey with you and the In-Shape community!

Nope. Refer as many people as you’d like. Please note: you can only refer each person one time, and they cannot be referred by someone else. You will see their status in the mobile app.

This new FIT CLUB Rewards is powered by Perkville. We’ve partnered with them on creating this new program. Feel free to email and they’ll be able to assist you.