Maybe you want to take off a little weight to feel your best for a summer in the sun. Maybe you’ve been stressed with work, family commitments and the current news cycle, which can lead to weight gain and a lack of motivation. Maybe you work from home and those kitchen snacks are just too close to resist. Maybe you’d like to work on losing weight but aren’t sure how to get started.


Whatever your motivation, we have 10 tips to try now to jumpstart your goals now. Let’s together turn, “I’ll start tomorrow” into actually starting tomorrow.




1. Find your “why”

Try to find a motivation that goes beyond a number on the scale. Maybe you want to have more energy so you can keep up with your kids, or you want to feel confident when you look in the mirror. Maybe you want to feel better, get stronger, or lower your blood pressure. When the going gets tough, your “why” will help you stay tougher.



2. Hydrate!

Staying hydrated is essential for our health, and studies show it can help you flush toxins and even lose weight. So how much water should you drink a day? It depends on your body, plus your activity level and other health factors. Find out here. If increasing your water intake sounds like a lot, remember to include your coffee, protein shake, and even some foods, like fruits and vegetables – watermelon and spinach, for example, are almost 100 percent water by weight.



3. Sleep more

We know, it’s easier said than done. But catching extra Zzz’s can lead to weight loss, not to mention a myriad of other healthy benefits. Check out our 5 Tips to Seriously Snooze.



4. Set a new goal

Having something to work towards can be super motivational. Whether you want to build to the perfect push-up, complete a virtual workout without having to hit pause, or get moving more days of the week, write down your goal and tell your friends about it – that can help it feel more real and help you stick to it.

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5. Eat more plants!

Try and include a fruit or veggie in every meal. If you haven’t been a big vegetable eater, look up new recipes to try: you might be surprised at just how delicious plants can be. Challenge your family to go meatless once a week, and experiment with different plant-based proteins like beans, tofu, and nuts. Read more of our tips for getting plants on your plate.



6. Find more ways to move

If you have a step counter, make sure you’re getting in your steps for the day. If you have a phone meeting for work, walk and talk. If your day is starting to drag, put on some music and have a dance break (or try a virtual dance workout). If you have kids, bring them with you on a daily walk or have fun kicking a ball around in the backyard. And when was the last time you brought out the Frisbee?



7. Meal prep

Have fruits and veggies washed and chopped in the fridge, so they’re ready when you want a snack. Whether you just pre-cook your proteins or batch-cook and freeze future meals, meal prep is an awesome way to keep your nutrition on track.



8. Make healthy swaps

You’ll always have foods that you don’t want to compromise on, and that’s okay. But by trying out some simple swaps, you might find that air-popped popcorn really does satisfy your salty chip craving, or that apples with cheese are actually yummier than crackers with cheese. Check out our healthy snack swaps and smart fast food swaps.



9. Schedule your workouts

Add workouts to your calendar the same way you would schedule a hair appointment or an important work meeting. Your health is just as important!



10. Make one small, easy change today

Rather than trying to overhaul your whole lifestyle at once (which may leave you feeling frustrated and discouraged), focus on making one small change each day. Maybe that means having a salad with lunch, trying a new vegetable at dinner, or taking a 15-minute walk on your lunch break. Then add another change tomorrow!