When it comes to staying healthy during the workday, it’s no secret that a “brown bag” lunch is a better option than dining out. First of all, you know exactly what’s going into the meal and can avoid those sneaky added fats and sugars. Best of all, you can control the portion size which is half the battle when it comes to healthy eating and weight control.


While a sandwich is always an easy option, we know some of you are looking for some variety and some lower carb options.  So we spoke to some of our trainers to get a few ideas, and although these recipes are typically enjoyed between two slices of bread, they are just as good when you change things up a little bit!


In-Shape tip: When you’re prepping your work lunch, use a separate container for the tuna salad and bell pepper, and the egg salad and lettuce. This will keep the veggies fresh and prevent them from wilting or going soggy.  When it’s time to dig in, unwrap, stuff the veggies with the fillings and enjoy!


Tuna Salad in a Bell Pepper

tuna salad in a bell pepper lunch


What you need

1 Cup low-sodium tuna fish

2 Tablespoons red onion, chopped

1 Tablespoon spicy mustard

1 Tablespoon light mayo or mayo alternative

1 Bell pepper

Salt and pepper to taste



Core a bell pepper and set aside. Drain the tuna from the can and scoop into a medium-sized mixing bowl. Add the chopped onion, spicy mustard, mayo, and salt and pepper. Mix well and add more mustard, mayo, or salt and pepper if necessary. Scoop the tuna salad into the bell pepper and serve.


Egg Salad Lettuce Cups

egg salad in a lettuce cup


What you need

2 Hard-boiled eggs

1 Celery stalk, chopped

1 Tablespoon light mayo or mayo alternative

2 – 3 large pieces of lettuce

Dusting of paprika

Salt and pepper to taste



Add two eggs to a pot of boiling water and cook for 12 minutes. Remove the eggs from the water and bring to room temperature before using. Remove the shells and chop the eggs into the desired consistency. Add to a medium-sized mixing bowl and add the celery, mayo, salt and pepper, and paprika. Mix well, then scoop onto whole pieces of lettuce to serve.


Portabella Mushroom Burger

portabella mushroom burger


What you need

2 Portabella mushrooms

1 Tomato slice

1 Bell pepper slice

1 Cheese slice

1 Piece of lettuce

1 Veggie patty – optional

1 Tablespoon olive oil



Add the tablespoon of olive oil to a small sauce or frying pan. Add the Portabella mushroom and cook over medium heat. Add a cover to the pan to help with the softening of the mushroom. Once cooked, cool on a paper towel to soak up any excess oil. Once cool enough to touch, build your burger and serve.