Short on time? No problem. Whether you’re popping over to the club on your lunch break or squeezing in a quick workout on the way home, sometimes thirty minutes is all you have to spare. Luckily, that’s plenty of time to get an amazing workout. Pick one of the workouts below and get sweating!



1. 29-Minute Circuit

If you like using the machines at the club but don’t have a workout routine figured out, head to the 29-Minute Circuit. Great for all fitness levels (including those brand new to using the gym), this routine combines resistance training with aerobic exercise to give you a total-body workout in 30 minutes—29, actually! What’ll you do with that entire extra minute to spare? Find clubs with 29-Minute Circuit or try a 29-Minute Circuit Class.


2. M7: HIIT

When you’re looking for a serious cardio challenge, try M7: HIIT – our most challenging group training class yet. In just 30 minutes, you’ll burn 300-500 calories as your dynamic coach leads you through a full-body workout. Find an M7: HIIT class.



How often do you train your core? Core strength is about a lot more than getting a six-pack…a stronger core means less injuries, better balance and improved overall strength. In this class, you’ll use resistance tubes, weight plates, and bodyweight exercises like crunches and planks to fire up that core. Try a LES MILLS CORE™ class.


4. U-Jam Or Yoga At Home

The next time you can’t make it to the club, jam through a dance fitness class or find your Zen in your living room instead! Even if you have less than thirty minutes to spare, check out our catalog of workouts on In-Shape Digital. These workouts were designed to be short to fit into your busy schedule. We even have 10-minute workouts!



Ever tried a HIIT cycle class? LES MILLS SPRINT® is only thirty minutes, but it will push your cardio fitness and calorie burn to new heights. You’ll leave class feeling sweaty, strong, and proud of yourself. You’re gonna love this—so let’s ride. Find a LES MILLS SPRINT® class.