Grab your suit and get in a pool workout! Check out all the benefits of swimming laps at In-Shape. Remember, after you make your club reservation in the In-Shape app, book your pool lane reservation so you’re ready to make a splash!

  1. Stay Cool and Shaded: Most of our pools are indoors and kept at a comfortable 80 degrees to give you a break from the heat and strong UV rays.
  2. Cardio Without The Sweat: We love a good sweat sesh, but sometimes you just need a break from wiping your brow. Swimming also has the same cardio benefits of running while giving your joints a break.
  3. Lengthen and Tone: Swimming challenges your flexibility while also maintaining the perfect amount of resistance as you move through the water.
  4. Low-Impact Recovery: There’s a reason why the top land athletes are heading to the pool for active recovery. Don’t let injuries set you back, grab a lane and get moving!
  5. Total Body Workout: Don’t worry about skipping arms or leg day, maximize your workouts with a total body blast in the water.


Coach Kailee recommends the best swim gear to get you moving.

  • Goggles That Won’t Leak Or Fog:

  • Quick-Dry Towel That Fits In Your Cinch Bag:

  • Women’s Suit That Will Last Many Pool Sessions:

  • The Best Deck Sandals To Use Right Out Of The Water: