When you start a fitness journey it’s important to commit to the time it takes to see results – whether that’s weight loss, toning up, getting stronger, improving your cardio output or building muscle. Once you’ve made the commitment, sticking with it can be hard! The biggest obstacle? Our own minds and the stories we tell ourselves as to why we can’t. In fact, experts say fitness is 90 per cent mental and 10 per cent physical.


Our Trainers have heard all the excuses in the book, and sure missing an occasional workout because life is just too chaotic is one thing, but when it becomes a crutch, it impacts your results. To help you on those days when those excuses are pretty tempting, we’ve pulled together the most popular excuses our Trainers hear and importantly, how to beat them!



1. I’m too tired – it’s the easiest excuse to use when that alarm goes off and your warm bed is tempting you to hit the snooze button and skip that pre-work workout. The ironic thing is that 45 minutes of movement will give you more energy than an extra 45 minutes in bed. Or maybe you’re tired at the end of a big day. Turns out, a quick post-work gym sesh is all it takes to rejuvenate and reenergize to tackle the evening at home.



2. I’m too busy – you’ll always make time for the things that are important to you and if your health is important, prioritize your time at the gym and schedule your workouts the same way you would with dentist appointments, haircuts, birthday parties and meetings. Plus, you don’t need much time to make a difference. Try our 29-minute circuit for a full body workout on days that are jam packed.


Another way to kick this excuse to the curb is by working out first thing in the morning. If it’s the first thing you do, it’s less likely you’ll have something unexpected pop up that prevents you from getting your sweat on. You can also think about incorporating more movement into your day by walking while you’re on the phone, taking a quick trip around the block to clear your mind, or doing ab work in front of the TV at night. All of it adds up!



3. I don’t have any time to myself – Parents (and other caregivers)! This one’s for you. Not only do you have to balance your own busy schedule with work, commuting, managing the house but you have to juggle raising a family too. Plus, as kids grow up there are sporting events, after school activities and homework to contend with. We feel you!


The first thing to remember is taking time to care for yourself is just as important as caring for others. Spending an hour a few times a week to work on your physical, mental, and emotional health will make you a better parent.


Cheering for your kid on the soccer field? Walk laps around it while you watch to reach your daily step goal. Young ones? Suit them up in the stroller and make a morning walk part of your daily routine. Our Kid Zone is also a fantastic resource to tap into. With a play maze, coloring, games, fun and caring staff and special activities, our members love the Kid Zone. Sign your little one in while you take a group fitness class with your friends or swim some laps and relax in the sauna. Sometimes even just an uninterrupted shower is enough to soothe a tired soul!



4. I have zero motivation – consistent motivation can be the hardest obstacle to overcome in your fitness journey, whether you’re not seeing the results you want, or you’ve just lost the motivation to workout at all.


Try booking your free biannual KickStart with a Trainer. It’s a great way to schedule in a workout with someone who can help you over the hump. Maybe you’ll learn a new routine that will help you out of a plateau or maybe you’ll love working out with someone who can coach and motivate you.


Another great way to get motivated is by taking a group fitness class. Try a few and find one you like that you can schedule into your week. You’ll meet new people, push yourself and have a fun doing it! If you have a big goal you’re working towards, break it into smaller goals and give yourself a reward for meeting them. For example, set yourself a goal of 12 workouts a month and reward yourself for hitting that goal with a massage – plus, you’ll earn your spot in the FitClub! You can also stay motivated with new workouts you can find here on our blog and all of our free fitness events like bootcamps and family fitness nights.



5. I’m too self-conscious to work out – when something is new or foreign it is natural to feel uncomfortable trying it (especially if you’re concerned with feeling self-conscious because of your coordination, or weight, or fitness level or age). This is totally normal and something almost everyone experiences. Remember, everyone was new to the gym at one time (yes even that guy in the weight room lifting his body weight overhead).


With people of all shapes and sizes, fitness levels and abilities, In-Shape is the perfect place to be new. You can work with a Trainer who is supportive of your current fitness level or find a group fitness instructor who will break down exactly how-to salsa so you can get your heart rate up in Zumba. You’re doing the right thing by investing in your health, so kick that self-conscious feeling to the curb knowing you’re in a safe space (and pretty soon you’ll be the one all the new members want to be like)!


Consistency is key to every fitness journey, so kick these excuses to the curb and commit to your body – it’s the only one you get!