There are so many reasons we use during the holidays to skip workouts and to eat that extra cookie (or piece of pie). The truth is, holiday season or not, we’re only hurting ourselves. Check out our six tips for having a healthy holiday—you’ll thank us later.


TIP #1 : When eating at holiday parties (or even at home), exchange a large dinner plate for a smaller salad plate. Your plate will look more full with less food, which will trick your brain into eating less.

TIP #2 : Don’t show up to a holiday party hungry. Have a healthy snack before arriving, and you’ll have more self-control. Also, don’t skip breakfast!

TIP #3 : When someone gives you high-calorie goodies at work, share and put them in the break room. They’ll be gone in no time!

TIP #4 : Try not to over-extend yourself. Maintain your regular exercise and sleep routines during the holidays as much as possible. Don’t skip your workouts because you have houseguests. Invite them to work out with you!

TIP #5 : Consider giving the gift of personal training to yourself or your loved ones. This is truly a gift that keeps
on giving. Move more! Burn off extra calories by parking in the spot furthest from the store.

TIP #6 : Take a quick lap around the mall while you window shop. Do curls with your purchases while standing in line. Add an extra 15 to 20 minutes onto your workout routine at In-Shape. 


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