It’s HOT out, so we know you’re hanging by the pool! Swimming is an awesome, low-impact workout, but sometimes you want to do more than just swim laps. This full-body pool workout designed by Coach Andy will keep things fun and challenging. You’ll build strength and get some cardio in all at once.


  • The 50m swim comes first to fatigue your shoulders and lats. This should feel challenging but controlled.

  • Next, you’ll do squat jumps without leaving the pool—this will work your legs and glutes. These should be a serious cardio challenge: it should be difficult to talk when you’re finished.

  • Next is a 2-minute active recovery where you’ll slow your heart rate and breathing. Grab onto the pool wall and keep your back straight, then cycle your legs at an easy pace.

  • Repeat 4 more rounds for a full workout! 



The Workout

Complete 5 Rounds: