It’s that time of year to eat, drink and be scary! Decorations are up, costumes are planned, parties are on the agenda and tons of fun-sized candies are already in the break room, waiting room, pantry and potentially your belly!


Halloween is synonymous with these mini treats and let’s be honest, a fangtastic time would be incomplete without biting into a few of them. But, we should keep in mind that even though they are tiny, or ‘fun-sized’, the calories will add up once you slash into seven of them.


Since those temptations show up well before Halloween and stick around a ghoul-while afterward, we’ve pulled together a workout guide detailing exactly what you need to do at the gym to burn off your favorite indulgence.


We used exercise estimates based on the number of calories that a 150-pound exerciser would burn using the calculator from the American Council on Exercise. If you are heavier, you will burn more calories in less time. If you weigh less than 150 pounds, you will burn fewer calories.


So, if those Halloween treats are taunting you, sweat ‘em off with one of the below activities at In-Shape with a pal.